Lords of the Fallen – Tips to Beat Crimson Rector

Crimson Rector Fight Tips


He only summons the clone of himself when he is buffed (Sword glowing). In the boss fight variant, you destroy the parasite behind him to cause an explosion which takes his buff away. In the normal fight, it just wears off (From what I’ve seen.) It’s moments like that, that I soul flay him and damage him enough to normally down him for a grievous strike.

When he is blocking/healing, hit em with a heavy and be prepared to dodge the counter, if he counters.

As the crimson rectors heal themselves they’ll be on the defensive.


  1. If you have a hard-hitting weapon, then charge it up for a special attack.
  2. Crimson Rector will do a wide sweep attack in response.
  3. Dodge and immediately hold for heavy attack again.
  4. It’s usually ended at this point and the crimson rector will go back to normal pattern.
Written by Razzen

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