Lorelei and the Laser Eyes – Money Location List (Manor)

Here is the list of locations where you can find American dollars in the Manor.

Where to Find the Money in the Manor

Disclamer: As far as I understand the total number of American dollars to be found is 45. Therefore, the list is incomplete. However, I hope that this small guide will help you through the game.

  • Behind a sledgehammer above the chapel.
  • Stuffed in a pool table.
  • In the first floor foyer (two dollars).
  • In a random kitchen (two dollars).
  • Stuffed under a chair in a game room.
  • In a dining room.
  • In a drawer in a crafting room.
  • Hanging off of a light in a random hallway on the second floor.
  • Behind a bottle of Dornfelder in the wine cellar.

Note: Unlike all the other puzzles and quests I think that the locations for dollars are not randomized. If you know for sure whether this is true or not – please write in the comments.

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