Lorelei and the Laser Eyes – Puzzle Tips and Solutions

Here you will find a selection of useful tips and solutions for puzzles. Attention! There are spoilers in the guide. Read at your own risk.

How to Solve Puzzles

Quiz Club Help

Hint for final question: You’ll need to finish all of the Red Maze first to get the clues. Note: You’ll need both eyes to get the clue from the minotaur.

Puzzle Box 1938


  • 1938 is the room where you use the camera to compare the sizes of the numbers to the background squares.
  • The number sequence (place for numbers) is different per player / save. You’re supposed to put in the date for all the puzzle boxes.
  • I recommend zooming the camera in so the reticle matches a pixel along the side and then just slowly panning until the reticle exactly matches the number’s size. a few are quite close so i would note if it seems to almost match a number so u can try swapping those around if your first solution doesn’t work.

Supercomputer Tips and Solution

  • Mirror world gives the password – but keep in mind that.
  • You should pay VERY close attention to the 3 patterns you’re given.
  • Something weird happens as you move around the 3 pattern rooms.
  • The patterns on the wall are lying to you.


There are 9 squares on the floor and on the wall – as you move across the squares on the floor, you’ll also be visible on the 9 squares on the wall. Squares on the floor that show you in a red square on the wall are part of the real symbol in each room.

Post-Supercomputer Help

The word you need to input is hidden in the segments before the input section comes up, and you need to approach the old lady to check what to input. Try going back to the first one and get closer to the old lady.

Every answer is one word, no need for a space.

The first input tip

The young woman and old woman are visible on the screen. What is her name?

The second input tip

Who died in the murder case? The serial code for the murder case gives a slight hint, but you can try putting some names you already know if you feel stuck.

Hints for Hole in the Forehead of the Sculpture

  • Doors and their respective keys usually share a symbol—are there any doors matching the keys you have?
  • If the key to the East Wing has the letter “E” on it, where would you find the door that goes with the number “3”?
  • The solution is near the bell poster.

Catacomb 2 Tips

If you looking at the maze map in the 2014 room than look each map segment as a 10×10 grid and marking the diamond shouldn’t be hard.

Oh, and also ignore the white lines separating the maze fragments when counting.

Catacomb 3 Tips

Tip 1: Draw the general shape of the maze slab (in the correct orientation) on a notebook with the year (also in the correct orientation) beside it. Turn the notebook so it matches what’s on the screen.

Tip 2: One of the puzzles involves something more than rotating the tile in the catacombs, because the maze slab is mirrored. Like the above user said, you can do more with the tile than rotate it just to the left and right.

From Top to Bottom, What Did Our Brother in the Underground Say?

Each row is a code in a 3 alphanumeric string, and there are three of them. The codes that you used to get into the area are not necessarily going to be the same as the three codes that are written on the minotaur’s plaque.

When you enter them in, you will just be entering in the greek letters representing the code. To know which code goes with which letter, you’ll need to refer to the Bug Reports which specify the greek letter and then actually do the puzzle in each videogame console to retrieve the string for the code.

The lettering can be a bit confusing if you are not familiar with the symbols, and at various points in the game they use a rather strange font which renders a few of those characters in ways that don’t look much like the characters. I recommend using Google and typing in the character (for example, type in “Phi” into a google image search) to make sure that the code you have, the character you’re using, etc., line up.

If it continues to not work, it is highly likely that you have mixed up a symbol with the respective code. For instance, if you wrote down “Phi” instead of “Pi”, that right there can completely mess things up.


This puzzle is randomized for each game, so don’t try to solve yours based on these images.

Mausoleum Part 1

You need the Maze Design map or to know the maze well. If you don’t know what to enter on the grids, don’t worry. The answer is right under your fingers.

Mausoleum Part 2

You need the Maze Design map or to know the maze well. Think about an important spot to choose for the 10×10 grids.

Mausoleum Part 3

You need the Maze Design map or to know the maze well. Try moving the year plaques up and down and see what happens. The years don’t matter for solving this, only which way they face.

Document Tubes

You need the Architect’s Sketches notes and the 2014 room key. These tubes are all over the mansion. You can get to them after you find the 2014 room key. If you don’t know where to find the codes for the tubes, look for where the names on the tubes match up.

“Symmetric design” Page

Read the name of the page again if you’re getting the cost wrong.

“Modern design proposal” Page

The question “Any hidden costs?” is a joke clue, like in a crossword. It’s not actually talking about real surprise costs written somewhere else.

“Modular room design” Page

You have to make the room design at the top of the page using the pieces at the bottom. You want to do it as cheap as possible. The rectangle and square combo that seems obvious costs a lot though…

“Simple room design” Page

Upside down question marks aren’t normal in English writing.

“Component-based mansion design” Page

Do you like playing Spot the Difference?

Magician Posters

You don’t need any items or info for these. Don’t overthink it, just do the obvious thing. It’s as simple as it looks. You can solve these posters really early, but the info is used later on. Don’t worry about remembering it all yourself though. The posters get saved so you can look back at them.

Movie Poster Door Locks and Rooms

Door Locks near Movie Posters

You need the film boxes near the TV in room 2014. The movie posters and answers are different each game. You can get to all the movie posters from the hotel entrance. There are five locked rooms near them in total.

  • Hint #1: The placement of these posters seems weird…
  • Hint #2: Is there a group of 4 numbers that goes with these movies?
  • Hint #3: If the numbers are linked to the movie posters, and then the posters get changed in a certain way, what should happen to those numbers?

If you’re stuck on the puzzle in the picture:

Think of the Roman numerals as going with the original poster and date before you try to solve the changed version.

Movie Poster Rooms – Safes

You need the letters near the safes. The codes are pretty easy to find using the letters in the rooms, but you have to figure out how to enter them. It’s not too hard.

Computer Files

There are 5 computer files total. You need the computer discs from the movie poster rooms. These files are pretty straightforward. The important info gets saved, so you won’t use it for a while, but it’ll be there when you need it later on.

Bug Report 1

You don’t need any items or info for this one.

  • Hint #1: Filling in those years on the wall shouldn’t be too hard, but it looks like numbers won’t help us here.
  • Hint #2: Imagine what the lithograph would look like if you filled it out right.

Bug Report 2

You need the Floor 3 map for this one. The only thing stopping you from doing this puzzle is having the Floor 3 map for the door code. It’s pretty easy to get to early on. But since it has a 2 in the name, you probably won’t need it for a while. This puzzle is also easier if you do it after playing longer, so it’s okay to skip it for now.

  • Hint #1: You’re right, the busts in the room are the same as the statues in the front yard.
  • Hint #2: Each bust/statue is for a specific character in the game.
  • Hint #3: Busts usually have names on them, and names don’t normally have numbers.

Bug Report 3

You don’t need any items or info for this one. It’s pretty straightforward, but make sure to check the bottom.

Exhibition Hallway Keypads

These two keypads are in the exhibition hallway that’s blocked by a stanchion at first. It gets removed after you go into room 2014 for the first time and then come back to the exhibition entrance.

Sculpture Keypad

You need to know the story so far in general. The sculpture by the keypad is called “Nome” which means name. You should know the 5 letters on that sculpture if you’ve been paying attention to names.

Backyard Doorway Keypad

You don’t need any items or info for this one. Make sure to look at the lithograph nearby and interact with it. You need info from both to solve the keypad.


You don’t need any items or info for this one. The elevator seems broken based on what’s attached to it. You’ll want to fix that to get to new areas on other floors.

  • Hint #1: The phone number for the building caretaker (Hausmeister GmbH) is crossed out. Maybe there’s a way to find it and call them?
  • Hint #2: There’s a telephone directory in the front office. It might be one of the only phone books you’ll see in a game this year.

Grand Piano

You don’t need any items or info for this one.

  • Hint #1: If you know a lot about music, especially piano/percussion, ignore it. Don’t overthink this puzzle like I did.
  • Hint #2: The only parts that matter for the puzzle are the sheet music and the numbered keys. The working piano is cool though.
  • Hint #3: The years on the keys are those years, but it’s better to think of them as separate numbers.

Grandfather Clock

You need the “Tick Tock: Timekeeping Systems” info, or to know how 24 hour clocks work, or to have done the similar movie poster room safe puzzle.

  • Hint #1: The pool table has useful info for the clock.
  • Hint #2: The pool table tells us 1847 is important again, but how do we use that for a clock?

Toy Blocks and Chapel

Collecting Toy Blocks

You need the dead woman’s key, elevator access, and E-shaped key.

  • Hint #1: There were five toy blocks at the start, in case you didn’t notice.
  • Hint #2: One of the blocks that fell is on the edge of an open drain. It might fall down.

Chapel Puzzles

You need the toy blocks (that’s why they’re together) and the Bible passage (“Book of Revelation VI” in chapel).

  • Hint #1: Using the “right” letter for the Four Horsemen/Horsewomen doesn’t seem to work. There must be a better character to use.
  • Hint #2: That’s a pretty weird “crucifix” for a normal-looking chapel.

Card Suit Doors

You need to get into the Magician’s Wagon and find the playing cards.

  • Hint #1: The playing cards you found can’t help you open the doors with their suits. But maybe someone can help you with that?
  • Hint #2: If you’re missing a suit of playing cards, make sure you read all the documents you can find.

Red Maze

Maze Slabs

You don’t need any items or info.

  • Hint #1: Did you read the light gray stele at the entrance?
  • Hint #2: Taking all the slabs makes it harder to get through the maze, but it’s important for the other red place.
  • Hint #3: You need it for this maze too.

Center Maze Gate

You need 3 of the 9.

  • Hint #1: You need 3 sets of 3 letters and numbers to get past this.
  • Hint #2: Where else were Greek letters talked about?

Maze Grave

You need the 9 maze slabs.

  • Hint #1: What has nine pieces that can be labeled with compass directions?
  • Hint #2: You’re standing on the solution, but obviously we can’t fit the whole map on this small gravestone…

Revolver Door and Mannequins

Revolver Door

You need the revolver key.

  • Hint: Did you solve all the puzzles in the backyard?


You need the magician videocassette and artist videocassette.

  • Hint #1: First, you need the right items to solve the mannequins. Did you help the man out of a bind or two yet?
  • Hint #2: Where did you see a room where you can watch movies?

Astronomical Clock and Cylindrical Object

Astronomical Clock

You need the note found in the male mannequin, the book “The Zodiacs: Who Are We?” or to know about Zodiac signs.

  • Hint #1: You can’t solve this puzzle without a piece of info from later on. Don’t worry if you just started and can’t figure it out.
  • Hint #2: The main part of this puzzle is figuring out what the letters on the inside dials and the symbols on the outside mean.
  • Hint #3: The letters on the inside dials are Roman numerals and the symbols on the outside are Zodiac signs.

Cylindrical Object

You need the book “Someone’s journal”, the book “Seven Moving Astronomical Objects”, and the paintings from “Himmelskörper”.

  • Hint #1: This puzzle uses a piece of info from later on with some things you might have forgotten. Make sure to check your memory!
  • Hint #2: Where else did you see the symbols on the object?
  • Hint #3: There’s one more step to translate between the important piece of info and the paintings that match the symbols on the object.

Red Maze Underground

Red Maze Dungeon

You don’t need any items or info. This section is like a dungeon from an old Legend of Zelda game or something similar. It’s not too hard if you think about where you need to go.

Minotaur and Statues

You need the Left Eye (Mausoleum) and Right Eye (Room 1963).

  • Hint #1: Don’t worry if you can’t solve the puzzle now. The back of this room leads back up to the first entrance so you can get in and out easily.
  • Hint #2: You have to find some Eyes to put in the side statues to make the Minotaur show up.
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