Lust Goddess – The Event Boss Faye: How to Defeat

If you need some help with the event boss Faye than this short guide is for you. This is about how you should structure the team and what to do during the killer event.

How to Beat the Event Boss Faye

Faye is the wall for new accounts. If you’re just starting out, it may be very hard or borderline impossible to beat her.

Regina is huge for beating her early, but if you don’t have her, I’d recommend using whatever heals you have (Purple Regina is a good filler if you don’t have the Legendary) and focusing on killing their merc every time instead of direct damage to the boss since that will wipe out your line.

If you can manage to kill their team and get a bit of damage to her here and there, you can win out in the end.

Another consideration is using Purple Zara (Princess of the Dunes), since she will kill a random Syndicate when she dies.


It’s really, really hard to beat her unless you overpower her or if you have Regina. This may be the end of the ride for this event for you, I wouldn’t spend too much trying to beat her because it may not happen.

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