Mad Experiments: Escape Room – Room 3 Hints

Warning! There might be some spoilers. Read on your own risk. A collection of gentle hints to help you solve room 3 of Mad Experiments: Escape Room.

Hints for Room 3

Introduction and Puzzle List

Greetings! This is a guide meant to give some tips to help you solve the puzzles in room three of Mad Experiments: Escape Room on your own. There is a bit of flexibility in the order you solve these puzzles this time around, so the numbers below is mostly a suggestion. In particular, the 5th puzzle can be done at any time, but is needed to complete the fourth puzzle. Likewise, puzzle 6 can be done any time after puzzle 5.

Broadly speaking, there is a Rube Goldberg device one one wall that must be solves right-to-left with the rest of the room there to help you.

  • Rube Goldberg 1 – The Calculator Under The Firetruck
  • Rube Goldberg 2 – The Owl and the Girl
  • The Night Sky
  • Rube Goldberg 3 – The One Code and the Locomotive
  • Stacking Rings
  • Lights!
  • The End

1st Puzzle

Description: There is a calculator by the right-most side of the Rube Goldberg device. Under the calculator is a chalk board with a number of statements, “682 One digit is right and in the right place”, etc.

  • This is a simplified version of the game Mastermind/Codebreaker where you need to deduce a code – three digits in this case – based on how many digits are correct in various guesses.
    Each line on the chalk board is correct.
  • You can use the feedback from the various guesses to eliminate the possibilities
  • Start with the first line – exactly one digit is perfect, the rest are wrong, so either:
    • the first digit is 6 and there are no 8s or 2s,
    • the second digit is 8 and there are no 6s or 2s, OR
    • the third digit is 2, and there are no 6s or 8s
  • Now consider the second guess – 614, which yielded “One digit is right but in the wrong place”
  • Since this one also starts with 6 and no digits are in the right place, the first scnenario above can’t be correct
  • So, either the original 8 or 2 was in the correct place. We also know there are no 6s in the answer, and there is either a 1 or 4 (but not both).
  • The third line – 296 – tells us there are two correct digits, but both in the wrong spot.
  • Don’t we know something about 6?
  • Since we know there are no 6’s then we can conclude the 2 and 9 are correct, but belong is different spots. Do you know anything about 2?
  • Because of the first guess, the correct digit – the two – was in the right spot, therefore we know the last digit has to be a 2
  • That do we know about 9?
  • If two is in the last spot, and the middle spot is wrong, then 9 must belong in the first spot
  • What do we know about other digits?
  • The other digit is either a 1 or 4 – that’s only two options, so just try one!
  • Solution: the code is 942

Where to go next?

Take a look around – has anything changed?

The keypad to your left with the owl-and-girl chalk board has lit up…

2nd Puzzle

Description: After solving the three-digit code on the calculator, the keypad over the equation with the Owl and the Girl lights up.


  • This is exactly what it looks like…
  • Simple math – and it does respect BEDMAS before you ask
  • (5 * NumberOfOwls) – (2 * NumberOfGirls) = Answer
  • So what is “an owl”? It’s actually just the yellow owl cartoons – the two white sculptures don’t count, nor do the red or white cartoon owls on the Think-and-Speak
  • A list of all the Yellow Owls:
    • Yellow owl on the wall behind the teeepee
    • Yellow owl on the wall at the start of the Rube Goldberg Machine
    • Yellow owl on the wall at the midpoint of the Rube Goldberg Machine by the row of crayons
    • Yellow owl on the ceiling in the corner by the paper-mache owl with the cookie
    • Yellow owl on the right wing of the toy plane
    • Yellow owl on the back of the clipboard leaning against the plane’s launch rails
    • Yellow owl on the headboard of the bed
    • Yellow owl over the opening of the tent on the inside – you may need to duck to find it
    • Yellow owl in the equation itself
  • What is “a girl”? This time it’s specifically the pink girl cartoons – neither Hildebrand nor you count
  • A list of the Pink Girls:
    • Pink girl on the wall near the door
    • Pink girl in the equation itself
  • This gives us 9 owls and 2 girls. Solve (95) – (22)
  • Solution: enter 41 into the keypad.

Where to go next?

As ever, have a look around – has something else activated?

There is a pedestal on the floor a couple feet from the door – the red triangular prism on top now has a control panel active.

3rd Puzzle

Description: After counting the owls and girls, the pedestal activates…


  • There’s a keypad but without any clues, you’re not likely to get it right…
  • What about that orange button with the 3-d movie glasses?
  • Ooh, that’s pretty – and now you need to “first the last 2 numbers of the solar system”?
  • That’s not a typo – it says numbers not members. Why would they do that?
  • What happens if you get closer to one of the planets or the sun?
  • Earth is 3, of course, Mercury is 1, right. Mars is … 5?!
  • So these aren’t the order of the planets…
  • What if you write down the numbers in order? There is a solar system chart on the wall to help you remember the order.
  • Anything pop out at you?
  • Remember that the sun was included on the chart…
  • 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ???, ???
  • Starting at the beginning, what happens if you add two neighbouring numbers?
  • This is Fibonacci’s Sequence – start with two 1’s – add the last two numbers to get a new number, then keep going…
  • So 8 + 13 = ???
  • The next two numbers are 21 and 34
  • Solution: enter the code 2134

Red Herrings:

  • The Solar System chart includes Pluto, but the spinning display doesn’t – you only need to worry about Neptune and Uranus.
  • Easter Egg? If you stand near Earth, you can hear radio chatter, but it’s just a nice touch.

Where to go next?

Have another look around, what activated this time?

The third part of the Rube Goldberg machine by the locomotive turned on!

4th Puzzle

Description: After finding the numbers for Neptune and Uranus, you now have to find “the one code”

Okay, time for honesty – this one made me angry. I had to look up the answer for this one. There are a lot of red herrings, so let me list them first.

Red Herrings:

  • Despite the poem, it’s got nothing to do with Lord of the Rings
  • It has nothing to do with the numbers on the plane or the train
  • There is no math for you to do
  • It’s not binary, not 42, or anything from outside the game


  • The poem is actually a hint, but not a good one (yes, I’m bitter, lol)
  • It might have been an okay hint if “Darkness” was capitalized…
  • Okay, so what is “the capital-D Darkness”?
  • Look for something big and red
  • That Think-and-Spell is made by “Darkness Instruments” and it’s got numbers…
  • If the Think-and-Spell isn’t working you probably need to jump to Puzzle 5 for a bit./spoiler]
  • After you put the batteries into the Think-and-Speak, you’ll be able to start entering numbers…
  • The poem said to “bring them all and in the darkness bind them”…
  • Enter the three codes you have so far – they should still show on the calculator, keypad, and pedestal.
  • Solution: Enter 942, then 41, then 2134, then click on the “ENTER” button, and the display will change to the code you need – 158746, which no, is not the square root.
  • Enter the new code into the third part of the Rube Goldberg Machine

Where to go next?

Now seems like a good time to activate the Rube Goldberg Machine! There is a clear glass table with a green and red block on top. The green one activates the machine, the red one resets it. You may also want to pay attention to the letter blocks at the bottom.

If it works, great, you can probably figure the rest out, or move to Puzzle 7. Otherwise…

If it looks pretty good, but fails at the end – if can you investigate and it seems the plane can’t fly “without lights”.

When you solved the spindle puzzle there was something else in the cabinet…that’s puzzle 6

5th Puzzle

Description: There a number of glowing rings in the room and across from the Rube Goldberg Machine, there is a ring spindle…


  • There are 6 rings scattered throughout the room.
  • You’re not supposed to just stack them, there is a special order.
  • There isn’t really a puzzle here, just an investigation – unleash your inner prison guard and shake down the room!
  • That’s an awful lot of pillows on the bed for one little girl, don’t you think?
  • Behind the Cat (Fox?) Face pillow, you can see six circles painted on the headboard.
  • The dots are in the same order as the discs
  • Solution: From bottom to top: Green (from the corner of the bed), Pink (on the floor by the spindle), Yellow (on the floor below the right side of the solar system chart, Blue (on the floor under the chalked-on window), White (by the book tree and teepee), and finally Red (from the base of the spindle cabinet).

Where to go next?

There are two items now available…

The batteries are needed for Puzzle 4, but can be used at any time.

The diagram is for Puzzle 6, which you can do at any time.

6th Puzzle

Description: Having solved the ring puzzle, you now have an odd chart.


  • The chart is small and a bit hard to make out – you can hold right mouse to zoom in
  • Does anything look familiar? There are 3 important parts…
    • There is a house-like structure with six lights on the roof
    • There are six coloured circles in a ring
    • There is a (very faint) drawing of the Think-and-Speak inside the ring, with clockwise marked “plus” and counter-clockwise marked “minus”.
  • What else looks like a house with six lights on the roof?
  • The bed has six lights over it! They all start green, and you can change them by clicking on them…
  • From the chart, it looks like the left-most is supposed to be green, but you need to figure the other ones out.
  • What would the chart include the Think-and-Speak?
  • Why does the Think-and-Speak have colour buttons?
  • If you haven’t installed the batteries you found under the spindle, do so now – just pick them up and click on the Think-and-Speak
  • It seems when you push a colour it says a number… are they correlated?
  • Okay, so you know you start with a green light, so why not try the green button?
  • Pushing green gives us +3?
  • Why is there a plus symbol?
  • Where else is there a plus symbol?
  • What is three positions clockwise on the chart from green?
  • Blue? So why not set the second light over the bed to blue, then you can try the blue button…
  • So blue gives -2, easy enough – two spots counter-clockwise is pink…
  • Set the light, then hit the pink button
  • +4 brings us to red, great…
  • But pressing red gives -6… which brings you back to red?
  • Just roll with it – keep going until all six lights are set
  • Solution: From left to right, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, Red, Red – you’ll know when you have it correct.

Where to go from here?

Depending on where the Rube Goldberg Machine is, you may need to run it by clicking on the green cube on the glass cylinder, and you may need to work on it some more.

If the machine ran completely, then you should be able to figure out the rest, or go to Puzzle 7.

7th Puzzle

Description: The plane has flown, something new is in reach…

Coding defects

During my playthroughs, the mouseover text on the plane and on the door did not change despite certain events taking place. Ignore the words, everything should work properly.


  • If you noticed the copy of Alice In Wonderland in the first room, you should know what to do next…
  • The only thing keeping you in this room was the fact you’re too small to open the door out…
  • Did something notable happen during the plane’s flight?
  • Where did that cookie go?
  • Oh, it’s by the base of the slide… and it’s labelled “Eat Me”?
  • Click the cookie and you will not longer be small
  • You can now interact with the handle and exit the room


This time around, the speedrun is actually difficult due to the number of puzzles that have to be solved and the time it takes the Rube Goldberg machine to complete running. I slipped up with the mouse a bit, but only had 3 seconds to spare, so expect to require several tries.

As soon as the level starts, enter the three codes into the three Rube Goldberg consoles:

  • 942 in the first
  • 41 in the second
  • 158746 in the third
  • Start the machine – consider doing it while moving from the second to third console.
  • Quickly place the rings on the spindle in order:
  • Green, pink, yellow, blue, white, red – this will turn on the lights over the bed.
  • Set the bed lights to Green, blue, pink, red, red, red
  • The should be enough to allow the machine to complete – wait at the bottom of the slide for the cookie.
  • As soon as you eat the cookie, sprint for the door.

It’s tight, but totally doable. Good luck!

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