Volcano Princess – Dice Roll / Gambling Guide

Tips and Tricks to Scam the Scammer Gambler.


Dice Game Sequence

  • Roll for Initiative: Whoever has the highest number role goes first.

Select Your Dice (Always pick 3 if possible)

  • Each turn switches between the gambler and the player. Each turn is made up of 3 rolls, where dice that aren’t used in a dice combination, i.e. a) Roll Dice Side + Number Dice b) Weapon Dice Side, will be rerolled for the next turn.

Notes: You can retain good dice rolls by clicking on them and putting them in the active top row before rerolling!

Remember that the Weapon Dice Side uses the same dice as the Role Dice Side, so don’t use up all of your Character Dice Side on the Weapon Dice Side. You can use MULTIPLE number dice along with 1 Role Dice Side!

  • After 3 turns are over, the turn switches to the other side, even if you have not used all of your dice!

Additional Notes

Character Dice have blank sides, so it is common to not be able to use up all of your dice if you decide to skip for a better roll in an earlier turn. Normally if I have a weak combo (Number Dice <= 3) for Role Dice Side + Number Dice on the first turn, I tend to skip using it.

Character Dice have different skills on the Weapon Dice Side.

Red (Crosshair) will directly attack for the number listed on the Weapon Dice.

Blue (Shield) will add a shield for the number on the Weapon Dice that will be damaged first by your opponent’s attack before your health is directly damaged.

Yellow (Sap) will heal for the number on the Weapon Dice.

Useful Talents for Dice Rolling:

King of Dice (adds 20G per level):

  • lv 1) Extra 20G after winning the Dice Game.
  • lv 2) Extra 40G after winning the Dice Game.
  • lv 3) Extra 60G after winning the Dice Game.

Dice Game can only be played 2 times per game turn.

Dice Game takes 2 stamina to play each time.

Rare Dice (Higher Weapon Dice base values, Less Blank Dice Sides)

Usually denoted by higher star rarity and higher sell value.

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  1. It should be added that rare character dice not only have a better weapon side value but also apply a multiplier when combined with the number dice. Doubling your 5+ on number dice is probably the most powerful effect of rare dice.

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