Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness – Mob Spawning Guide

Here you are just minding your own business when all of a sudden you get assaulted but an endless wave of like rodents and such. You kill them but find that they keep coming back? What’s going on? Well I’ll tell you.

Guide to Mob Spawning


Do not kill any mobs. Why you might ask? Well if you play deep, you prolly ran into endless waves of murder squirrels and those damn bugs. Well I’mma teach how to avoid them.

What to Do About It

Step one… don’t kill anything. If you kill a pod of enemies, one murder squirrel spawns infinitely. Kill 2 pods and 2 squirrels spawn infinitely and so on.

If you do have to kill a couple groups, just leave the area and come back. If that doesn’t work, refresh the whole thing. You don’t want to deal with more than 3 squirrel or bugs.

What Not to Do

Don’t kill mode than 3 groups. I’ve seen 5 squirrels and 5 bugs spawn, it makes it impossible to leave safely. Especially the bugs. If you get a group of 5 or 4 hitting you, just alt f4 at that point… ok not really but it’s gonna be a nasty stun lock.

Once again, kill nothing, plants, birds, and anything else, avoid unless necessary. You can just sneak past everything. It’s slow but better than risking food and enery sprinting and rolling cause if a group of 3 is on you and you tire out, you’re done.

That’s All Folks

Anyhow, these are just a few tip on how to avoid an army of those damn murder squirrels and just to make your cave raiding more fun and easier. Hopefully the devs get the dinks and such out and polish this game. It’s good but it as flaws. Good luck yall.

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