Maneater – 100% Collectibles Save Files

There’s only one of each items remaining, close to each another.

Save Files for 100% Collectibles

Links and Locations

  • Back up your own save files first!
  • They can be found at:
    • C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Maneater\Saved\SaveGames
  • Download my files from here.
  • Disable Steam Cloud sync!
  • Move file _76561197993246947_maneater_save_0.sav into your folder, rename it to your long number (move away the original first), and start the game.

Note: Other files are just back up copies, you shouldn’t need them.

What You Can Get from the Save

Deep Sea Explorer

  • Find all nutrient caches

Garbage Collector

  • Find all license plates


  • Find all landmarks

Fan Fare

  • Eat all the Questers

Queen of the Ocean

  • Reach 100% objective completion in all regions

Science Experiment

  • Acquire 100% of available evolutions

Where You Should be Looking for Them

The cache, license plate and landmark are next to each other.

The last quester is where my player’s marker on (black triangle). There’s a drowned boat with some torpedoes around.

Collect, consume all of the above and you’ll also earn the last evolution body part and 100% in all regions.

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