Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – How to Complete Stolen Vehicle Crime Activity

This is a short guide explaining how you can easily complete the Stolen Vehicle Crime Activity without getting damaged. Most guides I have seen provide complicated methods that require a lot of RNG, however, there is a much easier way to do this.

Stolen Vehicle Crime Tip

FYI: Before You Begin

You will need to play a bit of the story before you can complete this crime activity the easy way as you will need the Camouflage ability. The mission you need to complete is “Time to Rally”, which is the 8th mission in the story. I highly advise waiting for it because this activity is basically scripted to always damage you unless you use it. You can pull your hair out 10 times and not get damaged without the ability, sure, but what is the point in that?

Completing the Activity

The idea is simple, after you complete “Time to Rally” you are fully introduced to the camouflage ability. All you have to do now is complete the Stolen Vehicle crime with it. Instead of roaming around waiting for it to spawn you can use the FNSM App in order to play or replay crimes you have already completed. Just hold the touch screen of your controller (big space between the share and options buttons) to open the App and select Stolen Vehicle crime (I don’t know what button it is on keyboard or a non-Playstation controller but you can check that in the settings menu).

During the Crime

I suggest swinging high above as you approach the car and once you are less than 100m away just click “Up” on the D-pad to activate the camouflage ability. Once you do that you are completely invisible to enemies for a short period of time. Use this time to get on top of the car and then just do the minigame where you move left and right to take out the thugs. As soon as you take out the last thug and successfully stop the car the bonus objective will be ticked off.

Extras to Point Out

  • You only need to remain undamaged until you stop the car. The extra enemies that come after that to fight you can damage you as much as they want (provided they don’t kill you, of course, and you fail the activity).
  • I tried this at least 5 times and never once got shot. I feel like the developers intended you to use this ability as without it the enemies shoot you from 100m away 99% of the time.
Written by A Harmless Cat

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