Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – PS5 Controller Guide (Haptic Feedback + Adaptive Triggers)

How to get (Haptic Feedback + Adaptive Triggers) features working in Spider-man Miler Morales?

Guide to PS5 Controller


Hey there… If you wanna get PS5 controller features working, you only have to do two thing:

  1. Turn off Steam input from the game settings.
  2. Connect the controller via USB wire.

Otherwise the game will recognize the controller as a PS4 controller.

Both games support haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and audio haptic.

Hope this work for you.


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  1. am i the only one that has really weak adaptive triggers?
    haptic feedback works sometimes and sometimes it wont work

  2. The answer I had for connecting and not getting DualSense recognition was it was listed as an input (Mouse Keyboard and Pen) AND as an Audio device in my Bluetooth and other devices menu. Remove the device from both and voila it reads as a PS5 controller. Hope this helps some other poor soul.

    • don’t know why this happening to you …..the game start recognizing the dual sense when steam input is off ….. I’ve tested this with spider man and uncharted

  3. sound settings in the game needs to be enabled or in system settings on our pc?
    Anyone tried just to set it up without sound haptics

  4. add one more step ,
    seems like haptic feedback wont work if you disable the sound for the controller from sound settings , make sure they are enabled

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