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Collect as many Character Cards with various skills as you can, and form deck compositions strategically to be one step closer to victory!

A Familiar Board Game

In Meta World: My City, you can enjoy a familiar board game that you have played at least once before.

Move your Avatar using Dice Cards, build Structures, and construct Landmarks!

You can achieve a victory by building more landmarks than your opponent, having a monopoly, or making your opponent bankrupt!

Meta World: My City’s Uniqueness

Your very own Avatar, equipped with various costumes and customization options, will move around the board to construct Landmarks and achieve monopolies.

By maximizing the fun elements of Let’s Get Rich, you can form deck compositions with various Character Cards and enjoy a strategic board game in Meta World: My City.

Use Dice Cards newly introduced in the game to move your Avatar around the board!

Also, score a victory with more diverse strategies through newly added Win Conditions never before seen in Let’s Get Rich!

Reach the Construction Point Goal before your opponent to win!

Moreover, you can create your own character combinations that fit the map and experience the thrill of winning the game and becoming rich.

Collect Marbles and construct Structures to accumulate wealth!

In addition, you can also relish the fun of using various character skills by yourself!

1v1 Strategic Board Game

In Meta World: My City, you can enjoy a one-on-one board game with other players through random matching.

Achieve your victory by building more Landmarks than your opponent, having a monopoly, or making your opponent bankrupt!

Utilize various Character Cards, skills, corner blocks, and other channel-specific variables to your advantage to gain your victory!


There are various Board Game channels that you can choose from in Meta World: My City.

Each channel has different Entry Conditions, number of equipable Character Cards, Entrance Fee, Maps, Special Blocks, Win Conditions, and Win Reward.

Channel Landscape Image

  1. Meta World Pass: Tap the [Meta World Pass] button at the top left corner of the screen to claim Pass Rewards.
  2. You can view each channel’s name and the number of trophies obtainable in that channel.
  3. Entrance Fee: A certain amount of Entrance Fee is required to play the board game and the fee varies by channel. The higher the Entrance Fee, the bigger the Win Reward.
  4. Trophy: The Trophy button at the top right corner of the screen indicates the total number of trophies you earned. Tap the button to view the Season Rank, Trophy Rankings, and Hall of Honor.

Channel Details Screen Composition

  1. Channel Name: You can view the channel’s name, and the number of trophies you can obtain in that channel. Tap the [i] button next to the channel name to access the channel’s tutorial.
  2. You can view the number of character slots available in the channel. You can form a deck within the total cost limit, and equip your characters by tapping the [Auto Set] or [Set Deck] button.
  3. You can view the City Map of the channel, which is also the background of the board game.
  4. You can view the channel’s Special Blocks and Win Conditions. Utilize the benefits and develop various strategies to win the game when your Avatar arrives at a Special Block.

You can view the Win Conditions of the channel below the Special Blocks, and Win Conditions vary by channel.

More Win Conditions and Special Blocks will be added as you progress to higher channels.

  1. You can view the Win Reward that you will get when you win.

Daily Rewards, Gold, Trophy, and other various rewards await you.

You will obtain a better Win Reward as you progress to higher channels.

You will be required to pay a certain amount of Gold as an Entrance Fee.

If you win the game, you will get back the entire amount of Gold, excluding some fees, as Win Reward.

What is a Trophy?

All channels, excluding the Rookie Channel, are initially locked, and will require Trophies to unlock.

Obtaining Trophies through victories in lower channels will allow you to fulfill Unlock Conditions for higher channels.

As there is a limit to the number of obtainable Trophies in each channel, you will need to move to higher channels to earn additional Trophies.

You will obtain Trophies when you win a game, and lose Trophies when you lose a game.

  1. An Entrance Fee is required to play a board game.

Tap the [Start Game] button at the bottom right corner of the screen to start playing.

In Champion Channels, Champion Channel Tickets are required as an Entrance Fee,whereas in other channels, only Gold is required.


The number of equipable Character Cards and Total Cost varies by channel.

You cannot form a deck that exceeds the Total Cost, and you can check the cost on the top left corner of each Character Card.

Channel Unlock Conditions

Champion channels can be entered by using Champion Channel Tickets, and you can earn Crystals upon victory. The Crystals earned will be reflected into rankings as Gold acquired.

Champion channels will open at a specific timeframe.

The Map

In Meta World: My City, you can enjoy board games on different maps across channels.

As you progress to higher channels, more blocks are added to the board so that you can play the game with more strategic options.

Obtain as many Trophies as you can, and build a plethora of Landmarks in various cities!

Channel Map

Channel Trophies

Channels can be immediately unlocked by spending your currencies.

There is a limit to the maximum number of Trophies that can be obtained in each Channel.

Channels that have already been unlocked are still accessible even if your current number of Trophies fall below the unlock condition of that channel.

Dice Cards

At the start of the game, a random Dice Card will be selected by each player. The player who draws the card with the highest number gets to take the first turn.

Dice Cards

The dice cards available for selection are located at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can tap on any of these cards to move your Avatar to the number of blocks indicated on the card.

Each player is given three dice cards at the beginning of the game, and a card is recharged each time one is used. Apart from regular dice cards, you can also use double dice cards and jump cards to achieve victory with different strategies.

By utilizing character skills or purchasing dice cards from the Shop Block, it is possible to obtain additional dice cards and hold up to a maximum of five cards.

By holding down a dice card, you can view the block where your Avatar can move. A group of dice cards comprises a total of 36 cards, and upon using all of them, they will be replaced with a new group of dice cards.

Types of Dice Cards

Regular Dice Card: This card allows you to move your Avatar a number of blocks equal to the number indicated on the card.

Double Dice Card: Specific even-numbered cards among the dice cards are called Double Dice Cards, and they always give Doubles.

Jump Dice Card: This card enables you to jump to a specific block that corresponds to the number range indicated on the card.

Skill Dice Card: This card differs from regular dice cards as it triggers a character-specific skill when used. For example, Baedal Choi character uses the Marbles Dice Card as a Skill Dice Card. (See the image below)

If you roll doubles three times, you will be sent to the Uninhabited Island.

Special Blocks

There are 4 Special Blocks located at each corner of the board in Meta World: My City. Use these Special Blocks strategically in the game to gain victory!

Starting Block

Starting Block is located at the 6 o’clock corner of the board, and your Avatar starts the game from here.

Once your Avatar passes through or arrives at the Starting Block, you earn a Salary.

Acquirable Salary Bonus varies by channel. (Salary Bonus: Salary Increase Ability X 10,000 Marbles).

Additionally, you can build an extra tier of Structure in your block.

You can also charge the skill gauge if your Avatar passes through the Starting Block.

Uninhabited Island

If your Avatar lands on the 9 o’clock corner of the board, your Avatar will not be able to move. Getting 3 consecutive Doubles will also send your Avatar to the Uninhabited Island.

Your Avatar will not be able to move for 1 turn upon arrival. You can escape the island by either rolling a dice or paying a fee.

How to Escape the Island without Paying a Fee?

If you roll a Double, you can escape the island in that turn. Your Avatar won’t be able to escape if you fail to roll a Double.

How to Escape the Island by Paying a Fee?

If you choose to pay a fee, you can roll the dice and escape the island immediately. If you get a Double, you will be granted another chance to roll the dice.


Shop is a special block located at the 12 o’clock corner of the board.

If your Avatar lands on the Shop block, you are given the option to purchase a Fortune Card and use it immediately.

At least three and up to five slots of Fortune Cards will be displayed in the Shop, and will be replaced by new cards upon purchase. The number of Fortune Cards displayed varies by channel.

Train Travel Block

If your Avatar lands on the 3 o’clock corner of the board, you are given the option to travel by train.

If you choose Instant Travel, you can immediately move to a desired block by paying with Marbles, and your turn will end upon arrival.

If you choose Next Turn Travel, your turn will end at the Train Travel Block.

If your Avatar arrives at the Train Travel Block with a Double, and you choose to Instant Travel, the Double effect will be removed.

Fortune Cards

If your Avatar arrives at the Fortune Card Block, you are given the option to use Fortune Cards with various effects.

Fortune Cards consist of Fortune Cards and Shop Fortune Cards.

Fortune Cards Description

Warp Hole

Warp Hole will appear from Champion 1 channel onwards.

When your Avatar lands on the Warp Hole Block, you are given the option to move to a desired block within the line.

The turn will end when you exceed the time limit.


Various strategies are required to win in board games. You can easily achieve a victory if you combine a variety of strategies by utilizing Construction, Buyout, Toll, Skill Uses, and so on.


Use dice cards to construct Structures on the blocks where your Avatar lands on. You can choose one type of Structure among three types – villas, buildings, and hotels – to construct. Construction Fee and Toll vary by Structure type.

If your Avatar re-arrives at a block where your Structure has already been constructed, you can build a higher tier of Structure, a Landmark, on that block.

However, you cannot replace an existing Structure with a different type of Structure. For example, you cannot replace an existing villa with a hotel.

If you build a Landmark, the toll increases, and the opponent cannot buyout, sell off, or destroy the Landmark.


When your Avatar lands on a block where the opponent’s Structure is constructed, you will need to pay a toll. However, you can acquire your opponent’s structure by paying the Buyout fee.

You can make use of certain Character Card’s Passive Skill values to get a discount for your Buyout Fee, or increase your opponent’s Buyout Fee.

Paying a Toll

When your Avatar lands on an opponent’s block, you will need to pay a toll to the opponent. Toll varies by structure type, and it is displayed on each block. You can use various skills to increase a toll or get a discount.

  • Toll Increase: Increases your opponent’s toll upon arrival on your block.
  • Toll Discount: Decreases your toll upon arrival on your opponent’s block.

Skill Use

Character Cards have different attractive skills, which are divided into Active and Passive Skills.

Collect various character cards and use them strategically to win board games!

Active Skill is a unique skill that each character card will have, and you can activate it in the game once the skill gauge is fully charged.

Passive Skill automatically activates when certain conditions are met.

The character’s skill gauge increases by +1 when dice cards are used to move your Avatar on the board.

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