Meta World: My City – Definitive Map Guide

On the map you will see when you first enter Meta World, you can give a first glance at the city along with its various functions.

Guide to Map

  1. Mini map of the city (tap on the desired location to move directly to that area)
  2. Move by selecting a location in New York/Paris
  3. Information on each land color
  4. Zoom in/out of the map, change the map mode or view
  5. Average transaction amount for each city (tap on it to move directly to that city)
  6. Move instantly to the actual location
  7. Raffle/Real Estate Draw/Auction Events
  8. Move instantly to Meta Island
  9. My Real Estate
  10. Trading Center
  12. Move to the World Map/Board Game
  13. Real Estate Rankings
  14. Premium Structure Status
  15. Guide

Map Zoom In/Zoom Out

To zoom in on a specific area of the map while still viewing the entire city, tap on the [+] button located in the bottom left corner of the screen until the desired size.

To zoom out, simply tap on the [-] button in the same location to reduce the map back to the desired size.

If you want to zoom in or zoom out at once, tap the button above the [+/-] button to view the map zoomed in at the maximum and out at the minimum.

Changing Map Mode and View

Meta World offers various types of views besides the default 3D view, such as satellite and map views.

To switch to the satellite view, simply tap on the [View] button located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

If you want to change the view, you can tap on the arrow next to the [View] button to change it to the desired type.

Also, by tapping on the satellite map and downloading the data, you can see a more realistic map.

You can also choose which items are displayed in the view, including:

  • Quarter View: A view that shows the entire structure from the side when zoomed in.
  • Tile: A view that shows the land when zoomed in.
  • Structure: A view that shows the structures created on the land when zoomed in.
  • Icon: A view that shows real estate information displayed in the form of icons when zoomed in.

Area Search

If you want to move to a desired area within the city, simply type the name of the area in the search bar.

As you type, the names of areas(cities) starting with those same letters will appear at the bottom of the screen.

You can tap on the desired area name to move directly to it.

Moving to another city is not possible, and you can search based on the actual address of the area, not just the address used in Meta World.


To bookmark properties that catch your interest, simply tap on them and use the [Bookmark] button located at the top.

Once you’ve bookmarked them, you can easily access them by going to the bookmark tab in the bottom right corner. If you wish to remove a bookmark, just tap on the bookmark button in the structure information pop-up and it will be deactivated.

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