Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance – Tips and Tricks for Bosses

Some help if you are stuck or struggling.

Bosses Tips and Tricks

Metal Gear Ray

Metal Gear Ray is an easy boss so most people wont need this part all you need to do is attack its legs until the zandatsu sign comes up then hold shift and cut the armour (yes im british) after you have done that just attach the bare legs

The second phase is easy just cut the missiles as they have repair nanopastes in them (somehow).

Blade Wolf

Blade Wolf is a boss that wont take to long to beat mainly you need to learn to parry also the boxes nearby have nanopastes so you don’t die.


Mistral is a decently hard boss but just using basic and strong attacks should defeat her make sure when you can cut the pole in half as it makes it easy to attack and if you are weak kill some of the Dwarf Gekkoss (funny eye things with arms) they heal you


Monsoon is where people start to struggle but never fear Em grenades exist which after his first phase when he goes purple throw them also when he throws crap at you cut them you get ems or repair nanopastes.

When he throws the building {the one that looks like the Washington tower or something im not American) climb up it then {spoiler} and if you fail its ok you will not die it is saved.


Sundowner he is quite easy just cut his sheilds or attack from the back although you might want to take down that stupid helicopter.

his second stage is just using the displayed buttons but like monsoons it saves in there.

Jetstream sam

This is it the hardest fight just destroy the crates for more Nanopaste other than that try parry.


Really this guy is just run away attack run away other than his throwing rubish attack where you either cut it for damage or run.

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