MetaPhysical – Table of Creatures

All important information on the creatures organized into four groups, in four tables. Includes evidence, appearance, way of exorcism, defence and notes. No behavior (at least for now), that would be a spoiler!

Author Note

This was originally made for my own use and uploading it here was an afterthought, which is why the creatures are organized into four groups based on whether they have Orbs and Motion Detector. I always first run in with a camera and a motion detector, because these two types of evidence can be immediately found or be reliably crossed off. So I always end up working with only one of these groups from that moment on.

I kept things concise, but I am sure you will understand. UV means fingerprints. A cross means it exhibits that evidence and that type of defence works against it.

Have Orbs

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Have Motion Detector

Have Orbs And Motion Detector

Have Neither

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