Mirror Party – Guide to Getting Tokens Faster

This guide leads to new players whom bought this game willing to know how to get tokens faster.

How to Get Tokens Fast

New Players

Welcome new players. Did you buy this game for no reason? A fan of the previous game, Mirror? There would be a reason of you jumping in or probably none at all, just to test it.

About Mirror Party

A huge crisis broke out in the Mirror-verse. In the name of justice (or probably mischief), the bishojos went to war! Select your heroine and fight! The mini-game collection of Mirror-verse: Mirror Party (taken from main game description, credits to them)!

Token Time

Now… Those who bought the game are listed as new players and when you start off the game, click “Launch” or “Play” once the launcher appears. A second game will appear into your window-screen which is the actual game. The first one is the launcher.

You’ll start off with 10,000 tokens per new players. There are two options of how to obtain more.

  • Mini-games
  • Leah’s Private Room

In the mini-games, there are only 4 games. The developers may add more later on considering it’s early access and still in development. It was also released yesterday.

Assuming that a lot of people bought Mirror Party to play or test it just so to review it, there is not a lot of active host lobbies which means you need to create (host) your game, wait for the other 3 players and select your mini-game.

For mini-games, you need to win the game which gives you tokens. I do not know the maximum of how many. I also did not test this on 2nd or 3rd place, meaning my questions if it awards you tokens.

Leah’s Secret Room

Leah’s Secret Room, ah, the “secret room” which states some materials for all of u- I mean what? Anyways.

Leah’s Private Room is like a token machine, you gamble your own tokens in order to get the items.

We’ll start of the instructions since you players may/may not like reading.

Do not click Online games, that’s directly to the actual lobbies where min-games are hosted. Go back to the main screen where you could select one of the four female characters. You’ll see Singleplayer. Click on it.

It’ll load you to the selection of the single-player games, I assume there’ll be more because Leah’s Private Room is to the left side of the screen while the right side is empty.

Now, click Leah’s Secret Room.

Do not mind my screen resolution, it’s maxed out and it still does not fit my screen but I don’t care.

This is where the fun but also the pain and suffering of it. Say hi to Leah!

On the bottom left of your screen, there are 5 items which is not highlighted (highlighted when obtained). You need to get them from the slots machine showing up next to Leah.

Three rows of 5 boxes, with different items. You’ll probably be asking, “I got the same item 3 in a row but it didn’t give me” because the payline of it.

Head down to the question mark at the top right corner.

Here’s all the items of each item and description of it. At the right side, it’ll tell you how many tokens it’ll award you if you hit 3, 4, 5. Note that some items can give more than that, depending on how rare it is. And items can be combined together to calculate how many tokens.

Let’s go to the payline.

This information will tell you of how the payline works, what rows you need to get it by and everything to it.

We still got two more things to do, so head back to Leah’s Secret Room for me.

You see the box with the minus and plus sign above the “PLAY” display? 150 is how much and the minimum of tokens you can gamble of. You can gamble up to 30,000 if you’re willing to be broke.

150 – 300 – 750 – 1500 – 3000 – 15,000 – 30,000

  • Perhaps the amount you gamble, the more chance you’ll get the items.
  • Onto the win side, that’s how many tokens you’ll get.
  • Underneath is how many that you currently have.
  • Lastly, the Auto button which allows you to just simply do the work for you, you can relax and leave the computer on. But I suggest you come back to your computer to see if the Love bar is fulfilled.

Once the Love Bar is up ready, you’ll be loaded to here.

You got three chances, at the bottom, there are 5 of your choosing. Some can be happy and some would be in disgust if Leah doesn’t enjoy it.

If Leah does not like do that when you, the main character requested, the BAR above her will not increase and will not add in the amount of tokens.

So be smart about which one can increase the bar and the token amount.

What’s Next

You question yourself what to do with all of these tokens.

Go to the Mirror Party Launcher and you’ll see Gacha at the top right corner. Click on it.

x1 = 5000 tokens. x10 = 50,000 tokens.

You can try to obtain all the locked items like I did on my first try of getting a PNG which I can download to my files so I can show off of how beautiful these waifus are.

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