MMORPG Tycoon 2 – Guide to Pathing Using Quests (Reducing Region Crowding/Overloading)

As this game is still fairly new there isnt alot of guides and tutorials on how to properly set up quests and how to move your players from one region to another. It took alot of trial and error to figure this out but this is my method of controlling overcrowding and player level progression. One important thing – this is not the only way to play this game. Play the game however you want, this is just what has worked for me. Also if people really like this guide I can make other guides as well on other areas people might be struggling to solve.

Pathing Using Quests Guide

Create Pathing Using Fetch Quests – Reducing Region Crowding

First – lets talk about creating a path for your players using Fetch quests.

When starting a new game you always want create a Main Quest (Story) and Side Quests.

Main Quests – The main quest givers is what will move your players along the different regions and keeping overcrowding down as your players are progressing at a steady pace from one region to another. You want to make sure to use the same NPC model whenever you’re doing the main quests. This makes it easier for yourself later down the road to easily find your main quests giver.

Side Quests – The side quests givers is what will help give your players additional XP / Gold to help boost their levels to be able to progress to the next higher region. Side quest NPC can be whatever you want as long as it isnt the same as the Main Quest giver.

Starting a New Region

When you open up a new region you want to always first plan out where and how you want your players to flow through the region area before creating anything else.

Fetch Quests – As long as the fetch quests is the only quest or the last quest in a quests giver’s chain, it will not require the player to return to the original quests giver. This is great for migrating players to another area without them turning back to a previous region.

Questing for a small region:

When creating a quest chain with a quest giver I always have them do two quests:

  • Hunt Quest – Kill the Elite enemy and or hunt a mob.
  • Fetch Quests – Go see the next quest giver.

Note: Even for Side quest givers you want to make sure the last quest given leads your player to the next Main quest giver.

Questing for a large region:

When you have a large region you can have your main quest giver fetch quest to a landmark. From there surround the landmark with side quest givers that the players can pick up. The side quest giver can follow the above chain and keep moving the player to another side quest giver then back to the main quest giver at the end.

Paths (Roads)

One thing you will notice is I don’t use roads to move my players from one quest giver to another. The reason for this is players tend to stay on a given road if given the option. This would reduce the chances for players to veer off and explore or hunt mobs. Roads actually causes overcrowding as players tend to prefer to travel on roads which results in more player just traveling than actually leveling or hunting.

So what are roads good for?

Roads are great for when you want players to not veer off randomly. For example respawn areas and towns. The reason is you want them to be hitting up the Inns, potion shops, blacksmith, etc – You can charge real money in these areas and force them to check it out and have a chance to buy something.

I hope this guide is helpful to new players who are having a hard time dealing with overcrowding / region overloading issues.

Written by lou2

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