MMORPG Tycoon 2 – Ultimate Quest Giver System Guide

A detailed process explaining Quest Givers and the quest system for the game.

Guide to Quest Giver System


Quest Givers are an NPC type that provide quests for players.

In a new game the Quest Giver can be created based on the starting classes within the Design Doc panel (found in the bottom right panel). These classes are Player, Monster and NPC.

Click on to NPCs tab on the bottom left panel and select the first option with the exclamation about the person.

Place a quest giver into the world and then click on the NPC to see the Info menu. Select the Quests tab to view and modify the available quests.

Each quest can have a custom objective, title, xp and gold reward.

By default a Quest Giver starts with two quests; the first will specify an objective that the player will be required to do and then hand the quest back in to collect the next quest in the chain.

An additional quest can be added by scrolling down and clicking “Add new quest” text.

A maximum of 5 quests can be assigned to a Quest Giver.

Quest Types, Chains and Advanced Information

Fetch (Visit) Quests

A Fetch Quest requires a player to visit and enjoy the location/scenery.

Hunt Quests

A Hunt Quest requires a player to kill an assigned quantity of monsters within a NPC monster zone or Elite Monster/s.

Edit Quest

In the edit quest panel you can modify the title, objective, and XP/Gold rewards.

Once you have set the above mentioned values the quest has a calculated set of characteristics; Beauty, Convenience and Danger. Beauty is the amount of scenery on the quest route, Convenience is the distance required to travel and Danger is based on monsters that require to be killed or walked through.

Quest Chains

A Quest Chain can be initiated by having more than one quest assigned to the Quest Giver.

A Quest Chain will require a player to return each quest back to the Quest Giver except for the final quest. The final quest in the chain will always be completed after the objective is met, allowing the player to continue their experience.

Advanced Quest Info

A quest giver can offer multiple lower level quests and offer higher level quests, if the region is configured to be multi-level. This allowing for high level players to return and collect more difficult or time consuming quest lines.

It is recommended that you avoid placing a Quest Giver too far away from a path, doing so will prevent players from discovering it. Instead have a Quest Giver along that path that provides players with an introduction-quest to go and talk to the Quest Giver who is away from a path.

A quest chain can be configured to only provide a reward until the final quest is completed.

If you notice players are not starting many Hunt Quests, this is caused by the position of Hunt Quest Givers or the assigned stat points into Gibs and/or Bling. The types of players that choose to play your game is based on the stat points. Details on this are not included in the quest guide.

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