Mon Bazou – Starters Guide

This is a guide about learning to survive and thrive in Canada, 2005. This is one of the most efficient ways I have managed to run through the game. Keep in mind it is my opinion on what is the most productive way to play this. Thank you for reading and enjoy!

How to Start

The First Day

Routes Map

Day one, you’re overwhelmed, you think, what the heck do I do? Well do I have the perfect solution for you!

Right off the bat head to your phone. (outside your room, in the living room and to your right) Dial 555-2109. Your mother will pick up. Then go outside and into your plywood shed. There you will find a list of things to do.

First off, grab the OEM Intake from the bench. Open the hood of your car. (under the dash on drivers side, then a latch under the hood). Wave around the intake until you get the small check mark. Go back inside the shed and grab the wrench and attach a bolt to it. Screw the bolt into the intake.

There are 4 bolts. 3 on the manifold, and one where it attaches to the body on the right hand side of the engine bay. Grab some extra bolts and screw away.

Go back in and grab the Rusty Wheel from the left hand side of the shed. Attach it to the front left of your Konig. Get out the wrench and screw 5 bolts into the wheel. Then tighten all of the bolts on all the wheels. Congratulations! A somewhat running vehicle!

Next you shall head into town. Your house is marked on the map (M) as “Roulotte”. Get in the red pickup truck (remember to disengage the handbrake, a small pedal on the left hand side), turn left and keep going until you reach a white house.

Turn down the driveway and go up to the man on the porch. Click on him and he will say something. That man is your brother. Go back up the drive and turn left again.

Keep going until you reach an intersection. Turn left into the intersection and keep going. Near the end of the road, on your left will be a large-ish beige and red building. Turn left and keep going until you reach the Petrol Station, Kali-Gas (marked 10/10 on your map.)

Go inside, purchase a tire pump and speak to both men behind the counter. Leave and go back the same way. On the way back, stop by the farmer’s market (small brown shack off the side of the road, near the bridge to go back home) and grab the potato seed in the box. Head home. At home, Pump up the tires on the car (click) to around 35 PSI.

Jump in the truck and drive it closer to the wood cutter (behind your caravan). Grab the chainsaw from inside the shed and cut down a maple tree. Cut it again and you will get logs. Unclick the Kill Switch on the log cutter (on the engine part) and click on the starter pull.

Feed the logs into the cutter and when all logs are split, load them into the ol red truck. Drive back to your brother (turn left and drive until you reach the white house), drive the truck over the green circle (will sell all firewood) and then turn left again out of the driveway.

Now we are going to get cannabis seeds and buggy parts. Keep going down the road PAST the intersection until you get to another gravel road. Turn left off the gravel onto another gravel road.

Keep going until an intersection. Turn right. Keep going until another intersection. Turn right again. Soon you will see 3 sand roads. Follow those roads and turn left next to the dumpster. There is a welded differential for the Konig in the dumpster. Go back down the road and turn left again. Go down the beach and in the middle of 2 small-ish sand dunes there will be a buggy part.

Load it into the truck and reverse the steps, except a little different (Turn left, left again, and then right). The seeds will be at the top of the left-most wind turbine from the road. Go up the road to the wind turbine and go left at the top of the hill. Go inside. You don’t have to climb all the way up, just go into the menu (ESC) and click unstuck. If correctly executed you will be reset at the top of the turbine. Go to the red toolbox and inside should be some Cannabis Seeds. Don’t be afraid to jump off the top, and load it into the truck.

Drive back home, and once there unload both the potato seeds and cannabis seeds. If you lost some along the way, they will respawn next week. Grab the shovel and watering can from in the shed. You can fill up the watering can in the water tank on the right side of the shed. Grab your shovel and dig some holes (must be on grass). Click on the dirt mounds to plant the seeds. At most you will have 2 cannabis and 2 potato seeds, however it is random whether you get 1 or 2.

Your watering can should be filled after dipping it in the tank. Water the plants as evenly as possible. They should be grown in a few days (with consistent watering). Congrats! You just completed your first absolutely chaotic day.

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