Mon Bazou – Useful Tips and Tricks for New Players

Here you can find some useful answers for the most popular questions and tips.

Tips and Tricks

Where to sell radios?

  • Look around the meet everynight.. Sometime you will see something different!

Where is the front bumper located?

  • At the scrapyard inside the abandon BMW (unlocked when friendship with gas station owner gets to 25).

How to build sugarshack?

  • Did you deliver the required wood to build the sugarshack? If so then you need to buy a box of taps to tap the maple trees. Then connect them to the pump behind the shack with the blue tubes.

How to get weed seed?

  • Drive up to the wind turbines and there should be a door and ladder inside you can climb to the top of the turbine. There’s a seed in a toolbox up there.

Buggy part locations

  • Shed, Scrapyard, Cottage.

How to plant a tree

  • You need the cutting sheers found in the gas station. Go up to any cut-able tree (Maple, birch, pine) and clip. Then just pop the clipping in the ground.

You lost some items

  • If you are friendship level 5 with Gilles (NPC at the entry of town every morning) he can find it for you.

How to sell weed?

  • Almost every NPC can buy it, you need to be friendship +5 with them.

Where to find/make more poutine?

  • Theres a small store in town close to the gas station, its in between two houses.

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