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The moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived – Moncage launches today! We have prepared a quick list of FAQs to help players who are just beginning their journey.

Where can I download Moncage?

Moncage can be downloaded from Steam, App Store, Google Play, and TapTap. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch at a later date.

How much does Moncage cost?

The game launches at a discounted price of $13.49 on Steam and $3.99 on App Store, Google Play, and TapTap during the launch sale.

How long will the launch discount last for?

Discounted launch pricing is available on all platforms from November 16 to November 23. Don’t miss the launch week!

I’m lost. What should I do if I can’t solve a puzzle?

You can activate the Focus function to highlight the key objects related to the puzzle. Hints are also available every so often and can be viewed by opening the Help menu from the upper right corner.

How often will the game offer me a hint?

Hints are available every 2-5 minutes, denoted by a “?” that appears in the upper right corner. Open the Settings – Help menu to view hints.

How long will it take to beat Moncage?

Expert puzzle solvers that use the provided hints at a moderate rate can finish the game within roughly 4 hours. However, it might take you longer if you want to unlock all the Medals and collect all the photos to better enjoy the game!

How many Medal achievements does the game have?

There are 15 Medal achievements available that will be unlocked when certain conditions are triggered in the game.

How do I collect all of the story photos in the game?

Story is an important part of Moncage. You need to put all pieces together, including various puzzles and different photos hidden everywhere, to uncover the underlying story. Since there has already been a hint system which can help players solve the puzzles in the game, we won’t provide hints regarding the collection of photos. We hope that you can fully explore different scenes, puzzles and photos and form your own understanding of the game.

If you find yourself needing some outside help to collect all available story photos, feel free to join our Discord server to chat with other players about their photo collecting quests. Who knows – you might even answer a question from a newer player!

What’s the difference between Classic and Challenge modes?

In Classic mode, objects involved in unlocking the next puzzle are highlighted. This mode is suitable for most players. In Challenge mode, all objects involved in unlocking all puzzles in the current scene are in focus. This mode is suitable for patient and highly observant players.

What languages are supported by Moncage?

Moncage is available in 7 languages – Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. Open game settings in the upper right corner to change the game’s display language.

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