Monster Girl 1000 – All Games Shroom Trivia Answers

All the answers for the trivia machine at the Games Shroom in Little Shroom City. I’m not 100% certain I have them all here, but I farmed a few hundred SP.

All Answers

Real-World Questions

Questions that could realistically come up outside the context of MG1000.

  • Square root of 16: 4 or -4.
  • Atmospheric oxygen percentage: 21%.
  • Job to do with maps: Cartographer.
  • Longest word with the top row of QWERTY keyboard: proprietory (I don’t think that’s spelled right, but that’s the answer the game wants).
  • Total of the numbers on a roulette wheel: 666.
  • Flamingo’s coloration: Shrimp.
  • Horse-like animal: Zebra.


Questions about NPCs in the game.

  • Mimi EX’s special ability: Two-Fold Funeral.
  • Sybil’s class: Berserker.
  • L’ightning Orchid’s title: Blade of Justice.
  • Her rank: 4.
  • Her sisters: Three (fire, earth, void).
  • How many swords does Juggernaut have: 8.
  • Who invented Machina X robots: ZAP.
  • Francis’ second name: Helz.
  • What type of monster girl is Francesca: Reindeertaur.
  • #1 ranked hunter: Tamamo-no-Mae.
  • Where is the Grand Magus from: the Blood Desert.
  • Slime God’s ability: Duplication and combination.
  • Princess of the Wood Elves: Emilia.

MG1000’s World

Questions about the world of MG1000.

  • Three largest continents: Maine, Elysian, Calamity.
  • Quarters of the Elysian continent: South, Central, Blood, Calamity.
  • The main religion of the Elysian continent: Elysian church.
  • What monster girl doesn’t exist: Bunny girls (how does the machine see into Mistral Village to learn training arena Mimi’s special ability, but doesn’t know bunny girls still exist there?)
  • How long are cat girls in heat: 7 days.
  • Which monster girl is the tightest: elves.
  • How many legs does a Sleipnir have: 8.
  • What do they call the event where an asteroid hit the moon: The Great Splintering.

Your Travels

Questions about the story so far (again, how does the machine know these?)

  • The first monsters you fought in the game: Manti and Bolbat.
  • Where you first had sex with Bessie: Elven kingdom.
  • Where you first had sex with Ray: Magic Weavers.

Game Mechanics

Questions about stats and stuff.

  • Highest damage attack: Ultima Fury.
  • Lowest damage attack: Full Break.
  • Heals the most: Pulse of Life.
  • Strongest damage buff: Bravery + 1 Cheer.
  • Weakest damage buff: Berserk + Cheer.
  • Most expensive item: Elixir.
  • Least expensive item: Remedy.
  • Item that cures confusion: Eye drops.
  • Item that cures Zombie: Holy water.
  • What is a blanco drip weak to: Fire.
  • What does Doom do: Instant death when the status expires.
  • How does Poison work: Power 2 damage, plus 1% of current HP.
  • The only status that works differently for the party compared to enemies: Toxic.

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  1. Which metal is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?
    c) osmium

    Correct answer Mercury

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