Nova Drift – How to Obtain Malfunction & It Was At That Moment He Knew… Achievements

Guide to two new achievements whose descriptions aren’t really clear: Malfunction & It Was At That Moment He Knew…

Achievement Guide: Malfunction & It Was At That Moment He Knew…


Use draft mode (preferred). You will need the following (“?” for items I’m unsure of):

  • Body: Architect
  • Shield: Bastion
  • Ally
  • Shielded Constructs
  • Super Mod: Burnout Reactors
  • Volatile Shields (?)

It Was At That Moment He Knew…

Again, use draft mode if you’d like. Wild Mods must be enabled. You just need these two:

  • Shield: Shockwave
  • Wild Mod: Polar Inversion
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  1. Aww, here I was taking every mod possible to lower my max shield, including some levels of Obsession and freaking Last Stand. I got so close too. Max shields: 8.12
    I had fun with it, Hullbreaker plays nicely with Tempest Break, but it’s a little sad that I didn’t think of the obvious thing D:
    Thanks for the guide.

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