Monster Girl 1000 – Invincible Counter Tank Main Character

This is a guide to making a invincible dodge tank out the MC for Monster Girl 1,000.

The Build

So you want to win EVERY fight in Monster Girl 1k? I got you covered. This Build will make the MC as close to un-killable as he can get, and he can get pretty close. Best of all it’s easy and you can do it as soon as you get to Capital City.

The first step is getting the legendary Ant Shell Shield which can drop from the “B Team” mission in Capital City. This allows you evade any attack that you counter, effectively making it so that attack, magic or physical misses.

Step 2 is getting any gear that gives him + Counter per turn, and counter chance, and getting his target rate as high as possible using the stat “+ target rate”.

You can use pretty much anything for step 2, just make sure to prioritize + Counter per turn > Counter Rate > Target Rate. The more of these you give him the more invincible he becomes.

The final build should look like this:

The Automatron’s blessing + Nightfall Wall make sure that he is one targeted for 99% of all single target strikes. The Nightfall Shield also make sure he has a 100% counter rate and gives him +4 counter attacks per turn, combined with Hides-in-Barrel’s Blessing for another 100% counter attack chance and another 2 counters per turn.

The Ant Shield makes sure he dodges every attack he counters, which will be almost all of them, and Liada’s Blessing will make sure he dodges crits, which would normally bypass his evade. How many attacks does he dodge each turn you ask? Pretty much all of them!

Finally Fancesca’s Blessing will give you a nasty additional counter and insure that if DO take a hit you recover pretty much all of your shield with your multi-counter attacks.

Armor and weapons are completely optional! Use whatever you like best.

Fun part about this build is all your damage is done by counters so you can use buffs/debuffs on your turn to make things even easier.

I used this build to beat many bosses 30+ levels above and even clear the Colosseum, yes even the group fights against the hardest bastards in the game. Even Fran couldn’t kill my MC, I did spend a lot of items reviving Ray and Bessie since they were not invincible.

There is however ONE fight in the game this didn’t work for. That would be Alice. If you take any offensive action against Alice she responds to said insult with a aoe Counter Ultima. Since it is a “counter attack” and not and “attack” you can not evade this with the Ant Shield. If someone wants a guide on how I beat Alice at 55 let me know and I will consider making one.

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