Monster Hunter Rise – How to Unlock FPS and Get Higher Resolution (Works in Cutscenes)

Capcom, for whatever reason, limited the cutscenes to 30 frames per second and full resolution regardless of your settings. I’ll show you how to repair it with a few simple modifications. This will also allow you to fully unlock the framerate and upsample the resolution in the game beyond 150 percent.

Guide to Unlock FPS and Get Higher Resolution


How to Install

  • Export the contents of the REFramework .zip file (dinput8.dll) into your installation directory.
  • Export the contents of RiseTweaks (RiseTweaks.ini & d3d11on12.dll) into your installation directory.
  • Open RiseTweaks.ini in Notepad and edit the following settings to your liking:
    FrameLimit= <- Self-explanatory, set any FrameLimit you want.
    ImageQuality= <- This is the setting for the resolution upsampling. 1 means 100%, 1.5 means 150%, 2 means 200% and so on.
  • Save your changes to RiseTweaks.ini.
  • You’re done. You can launch the game now!

Cutscene Example

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