Vampire Survivors – How to Reach Minute 31

Guide to Reach Minute 31

How to Do It

Items are chosen to survive after the 29th minute.

A few tips

  • The Evolved Weapons can only be acquired through a chest. Picking it up later could be useful.
  • The knife is great to clear a path. It also does targeted damage, great to kill ‘bosses’.

Useful information

  • The Clock Lancet (freeze) is needed to freeze the Death Dracula.
  • Laurel (shield) makes sure you can take a hit from the Death Dracula.
  • The Evolved Cross does the most damage.

Things to choose from:

  • Clock Lancet (must)
  • Laurel (must)
  • Axe & Candelabra
  • Cross & Clover
  • Knife & Gloves
  • Whip & Hollow Heart
  • Fire Wand & Spinach
  • Empty Tome (if possible)

I’m not sure if the Pentagram kills the Death Dracula. Could work.

BTW: magic wand is ass.

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  1. Magick wand only shows its butt when other area of effect weapons are used. If you don’t use the blades then the magic wand does better dps wise.

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