Mortal Kombat 1 – Working Cutscene Stutter Fix

How to Fix Cutscene Stuttering


I have a G-Sync 3840×1600 175Hz ultrawide monitor and a FreeSync capable 4K 120Hz TV. I experienced constant stuttering in cutscenes – half second freezes after every 5 seconds, basically. This was happening regardless of VRR and V-Sync settings, regardless of RivaTuner framerate cap, and regardless of the chosen display refresh rate.


Go to the NVidia Control Panel, then to Manage 3D Settings. Switch to the Program Settings tab, then choose MK1. Set its Energy Saving Settings to Prefer Maximum Performance, and set a Maximum Framerate of 60. Apply the settings.

This will fix the cutscene stuttering completely. I use this on a VRR screen with proper G-Sync/FreeSync settings and with the RivaTuner cap still active, but it should work on a non-VRR screen too with V-Sync enabled.

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