Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – Beginners Tips

If you’re a new player in the Motor Town: Behind The Wheel game than this short guide is for you.

Tips for New Players

Driving around gives you driver Level and just with this alone unlocks sum great opportunity for sum great starting cash and easy levelling up.

The best way too get the good jobs is too explore the map: sum places you can get up too 1,600 per delivery.

Early game Taxi’s are really good, getting quite often 1,500 after comfort bonuses.

If you want to do trucking, take the time to learn the map and its roads. The route the GPS gives you might not always be the shortest, and other times it might be the shortest in distance, but a different route would take less time since the GPS route might be steep enough to severely slow your truck (just sticking to the ring road that circles the island is a very reliable way to get to your destination quickly since it is almost universally not steep enough to significantly slow you down).

Furthermore, you absolutely will want to know where you have to go to find certain services, such as where to buy and modify large trucks, or where to get certain kinds of cargo. The best way to find those things out (other than just looking it up), is to explore, so try taking deliveries to all sorts of places so you can earn money while you explore.

If someone wants to go trucking a lot, it’s smart to think about investing into your own truck. Pressing tab gives a bunch of info, and pressing “vehicle info” lists the rate at which the profit is shared. “Borrowing” a bigger truck doesn’t always means better pay if you have to give away like 50% of the profit. Investing into your own truck pays of, for those who are planning to a lots of hauling freights.

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