Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – How to Backup Save Files

Manual backup of your save files so if something goes wrong with your profile, you don’t have to start from scratch.

Guide to Backup Save Files

Backing Up Your Saves

In games like this, it can really suck if something happens to your savegame and you have to start from scratch. The best way to make sure you don’t have to start over is backing your files up.

Create a new folder on your desktop called “Motor Town saves”.

Next, you’ll want to open file explorer and go to:

  • C/users/YOURNAMEHERE/appdata/local/motorown/saved/savedgames

Wait! I don’t see the appdata folder!

Easy fix. In file explorer, click view, then settings. Now switch to the “view” tab and you’ll see an option for “hidden files and folders”. Select the option “show hidden files, folders and drives”. Now appdata should show.

Now you should see these two folders called “characters” and “worlds”. Select both of them, right click and “copy”.

Now, bring up your “Motor Town Saves” folder and right click inside the folder–>paste.

Now your saves are backed up! Important: These backups do not automatically update when you stop playing!! I strongly recommend backing up your save files every couple of days, maybe a week at the most. Couple of days seems excessive, but you’ll thank me if something ever goes wrong.

If you ever need to use your backups, go to the same location as above, and copy+paste the folders back into savedgames.

Written by Reddington

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