Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – The Bushman Bus Breakdown Guide

Inside the guide contains a breakdown of each bus route available. What is the total pay, how how is the route, what to expect, all the good stuff. This guide was written after spending many hours doing loops in the largest bus possible like a maniac so you don’t have to!

Guide to The Bushman Bus Breakdown

All credit goes to Repulsive Bushman!


So, you saw a bus depot. You saw the buses parked there. You thought it would be interesting to try a route on a bus. You tried a route. Maybe you thought it was fun. Maybe you thought it was tedious. Maybe you’ll main the busing job. Maybe you’ll drop it forever and wish it dies in a fire.

I don’t care about that. What I care about, is that split second thought that passes through when you hop into a bus and see the route selection screen:

Which one should I choose?

Whatever, tell me the numbers so I can start raking in the dough.

After spending a few hours doing loops like a crazy person, here’s a breakdown of the various bus routes available:

  • West-1 = ~7k; Not much to say but feels too slow for the payout
  • Sung-San High School 1 = Up to at least ~15k; The route varies but stays in the upper amounts for payout(We’re talking an average of around 10k); Seems to give a larger amount of passengers when starting earlier in the day, had 30 passengers at one point
  • Jeju <-> Gang Jung = ~11k; A very consistent route; Going west of Gang Jung, towards the scrap yard, and taking the dirt road slightly past it is the fastest way, which guarantees the speed bonus
  • Gang Jung Town 1 = ~3k; Very small and basic route, good for new players or just starting busing with low capacity vehicles
  • Seo-Gui-Po Downtown = ~4-6k; Small route, doesn’t need high capacity, is chaotic, but is fast; Long buses not recommended
  • Olle Ring = ~10k; Slow, and ultimately not worth it when compared to the other routes
  • Jeju-1 = ~11-12k; It’s a consistent but tedious route with a lot of turns, so need to be careful when using large buses, and in a high traffic area which can cause chaos
  • Airport <-> Military Base = ~11k; A bit slow, a lot of turns, but can be viable with all buses

Wow, thanks! What else?

These numbers include Comfort and Urgency bonuses. On top of that, busing fluctuates, so these numbers are not definitive, but rather, what to expect when doing busing. Each route had one full lap completed.

Each run on all of these routes were done in a Cheetah, the reeeally long bus with 49 seats, for maximum pain. If I could do it in a Cheetah, you can do it with anything. You’re welcome. A Cheetah is also not needed for any of these runs, the Air City(The typical city bus) will do just fine.

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  1. Thanks a lot! One question: Does the money outcome depend on the comfort level? or do i get the same amount of money with a 1 star comfort bus as with a 4 star one? thanks in advance

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