Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Perks for Best Governor Build

This guide shows all the perks which I chose to be the best for a governor companion. I ignored all non governor perks, for those I just picked the bottom option, so those perks you can pick whatever you want.

Guide to Governor Build Perks

The Perks

Now before you continue, I just want to let you know that this was completely made from my biased decision, what I have picked was chosen to be the best for my situation which means that these choices may be due to change and / or may not be the absolute best for your situation. But in all, these perks seem to give the best benefits at the time of making this guide. With that being said you have the freedom to change around any of the perk combos to benefit you.

Also Smithing is skipped, it has no governor perks.

Now lets get started.

One Handed Perks

Two Handed Perks

Bow Perks

Crossbow Perks

Throwing Perks

Riding Perks

Athletics Perks

Scouting Perks

Tactics Perks

Roguery Perks

Charm Perks

Leadership Perks

Trade Perks

Steward Perks

Medicine Perks

I changed my mind on Physician of People perk which Increases loyalty of the settlement by +1 per day and switched to Clean Infrastructure perk because its a double governor perk and gives more than the other, also, there are many other perks throughout the skills that give the same effect of +1 loyalty ( which i still think is good btw ) the choice is yours which one u want to pick.

Engineering Perks

Written by ZaV101


    • It is honestly very grindy to level your companions that high, but they do level the same way you do, you can also assign them clan roles which would help to level them faster. These are the: scout, engineer, quartermaster, and surgeon.
      So it’s best to find companions which are already highly leveled in certain skills, for example ‘the Swift’ or ‘the Spicevendor’ companions seem to be the best companions for governing due to them already having high stewardship and trade levels. Setting them as your party’s quartermaster would help to level these skills faster.

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