Myth of Empires – Dedicated Server Guide

Some helpful information for creating and running a Dedicated server. Including A Step by Step Video Guide to Launching a Dedicated Server, and various Commands for Admins/RCON, with more to come.

Guide to Dedicated Server Guide

A Step by Step Video Guide to Launching a Dedicated Server

The below video will is aimed to help you set up a Dedicated Server for Myth of Empires

Here Is a Short Text Guide

  1. Launch the PrivateServerTool.exe located in /PrivateServerTool.
  2. Configure the settings as you see fit; Change the port to 4 digit ports to fix Steam Error (IE 5888 and 5889).
  3. Once your server settings are done; hit save. This will create an ini file with your server parameters. Save this for later.
  4. Click “Start Server” This will generate a .bat file for you to launch your server!
  5. Launch the server using the .bat file created by the program. Once the server loads, shut it down by hitting Ctrl-c in the server window.
  6. Open the INI file from earlier and copy the contents.
  7. Browse to /WindowsPrivateServer/MOE/Saved/Config/WindowsServer
  8. Open the “GameUserSettings.ini” file and paste the contents of the original INI at the bottom.
  9. Relaunch the server.


RCON is a protocol that allows server administrators to remotely execute commands. For MoE RCON will only accept access from the local server.


  • Port – In the ShutDownServicePort
  • Default Pass – 123456

Known RCON Commands

  • ShutdownServer – Shuts server down
  • SaveWorld – Saves the server
  • GetPlayers – Throws memory errors and crashes the server

Known Console Commands

  • Cheat fly – Allows Flying as admin
  • Cheat walk – Disable flying
  • Cheat Say – Works but doesn’t display anything in-game only logs
  • Cheat SaveWorld – Saves the Server
  • Cheat Ghost – No Clip
  • Cheat GetPlayers – Works but doesn’t display output
  • Cheat God – Enables/Disables God Mode
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    • Should be able to access via “~” like most games. Be sure you are set up as an admin – You can edit the bat file or run the tool and add your steam64ID to -ServerAdminAccounts=YOURSTEAM64IDHERE

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