Len’s Island – Boss Fight Tips

So after the 5th try I finally managed to beat him and wanted to give some tips.

Boss Fight Guide

Love that the fight is hard and it is not a pushover, but there are some mechanics that even with good timing are quite hard.

When he goes into rage mode and gets electric attacks those can turn into your doom quite quickly. He has an attack where he hits the ground and it creates an electric wave. One of them is easy to dodge with a roll but he sometimes goes wild and hit the ground around 5-6 times quickly in a row. Shockwaves of that are extremely deadly and unpredictable.

To improve this maybe limit his usage of that to maybe 2-3 times in a row maximum. Range of those shockwaves is also a little big so you don’t have a chance to get out of range to wait out his rampage.

Another thing is that the shockwaves goes though pillars in that room, so you can’t roll behind one for a little protection.

That one probably is a bit harder to implement but it would be better if the pillars in the room break the shockwave so you can hide behind them to avoid damage.

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  1. I changed to WASD controls and never looked back.
    With the larger creatures you just need to time your roll and manage the roll cooldown.

    When you roll you are immune and it removes collision with the enemies so you just roll through them, hit them in the back, rinse repeat….that’s what worked for me anyway.

    Edit: yes the boss fight. Finally made it there earlier and got my ass whooped…really good first boss fight with actual stage and mechanics!!!

    I was using the gold sword and shield and the sword was largely ineffective and I was overwhelmed when I got to the second phase.

  2. I find the controls not nearly accurate enough for combat currently. you cannot accurately move, attack and dodge etc.

    When you attack you are routed.

    Moving with the mouse is not ideal at all for dodge roll based combat.

    Maybe I just need to learn the system properly, but right now I feel like I will just avoid the combat side of the game until controller support is introduced.

    I play a lot of ARPG’s (Namely Path of Exile) with mouse based movement and don’t have any issue with it though, so I think it’s just the system in place in this game.

    again I might just need to learn to play it properly, but right now I feel like I will just die.

    I tried fighting those giant crabs at the sandstone alter and found there was no way to switch between attacking the enemy and dodging the attacks of the enemy. You just have to stand there and spam attacks and hope they die before you.

    If you have any tips for doing combat properly, I’d love to know them.

    Mouse based movement doesn’t really suit mele combat at all. Most ARPG’s are mostly ranged attacks. Even the mele classes either used ranged or AoE abilities, so with this in mind I’m a little bit worried about the combat in this game.

    I think we need to be able to move and attack maybe to be able to get rolls off properly and actually avoid damage.

    • Yeah WASD control is way better. Those crabs are easy with that and a bit of timing for dodges. Just gets dangerous when getting swarmed. Depends a bit on the weapon. with sword just power through them and take maybe one hit and heal. With spear you can sort of kite them. They get pushed back a little on crit so if you keep them at a distance all is fine. Hammer and axe I haven’t played as much with yet, but you get a thor hammer at some point that can cause electroshocks so probably giving that a try.

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