NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD – How to Restore the Original NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE Title to the Boot Screen

This mod is about restoring the original NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE title to the boot screen (BIOS and OS boot logo) of the game when the language is set to English.

Guide to Restore Original Title


We’re going to need a basic text editor (Windows’ Notepad will be more than good enough) and the “UABEA” Unity modding tool, which you can get here.

Modding the Boot Screen

The modifications consist on a very basic file replacement and a text edit by doing the following:

  • Open UABEA.
  • Click on “File”, “Open”, and open the “sharedassets0.assets” file located on the “\Windose_Data” directory.
  • Select the most recent Unity version on the list, which for now seems to be working.
  • Search for the file “Bios_nso” with a type “Sprite”, this is a small image which is overlaid on the BIOS screen. After finding the file, select it and click on “Export dump” and save the file with a familiar name and on a location where you can easily find it later.
  • Do the same steps with the “boot_logo” file with a type “Sprite”.
  • Now, open the .txt you obtained by exporting the “Bios_nso” (the default name would be something like “Bios_nso-sharedassets0.assets-218.txt”) and change the 6th line (0 float width = 733) to “0 float width = 0” and the 7th line (0 float height = 69) to “0 float height = 0” (just change those values to 0 on both lines), and save the file.
  • Now go back to UABEA, find the “bg_boot_en” file with type “Sprite”, select it, click on “Import dump” and select the file obtained when exporting the “boot_logo” file.
  • After that, find again the “Bios_nso” file with type “Sprite”, select it, click on “Import dump” and select the file previously modified “Bios_nso” .txt file.
  • Click on “File”, “Save”, and save the “sharedassets0.assets” file to a known location.
  • Finally, close UABEA and replace the original “sharedassets0.assets” file located on “\Windose_Data” with the one you just saved.
  • Your game is now fixed.

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