Neon White – Config Location on Windows (Mouse Sensitivity, Custom FPS Cap, etc)

Shows the location of the configuration file on Windows and some key configuration entries to edit for Neon White.

Configuration Location

C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\LocalLow\Little Flag Software, LLC\Neon White\<STEAM64 ID>\prefs.dat

Open up prefs.dat in a text editor for the full configuration list.

Mouse Sensitivity and Framerate Limit

"mouseSensitivity": 0.319,

I play 35.830 cm/360 at 800 DPI. I set it to 0.319 and it’s extremely close after 20 rotations (Moves just a few pixels to the right)

Note: You will need to exit the game to reload your config. I tried leaving a map and re-entering but it wasn’t enough.

"frameRateCap": 140, 

You can also set a custom framerate cap if you want to avoid hitting VRR ceiling. For example on a 144hz display.

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