Mortal Online 2 – Rescue Tindremic Officer Parcel Mission

Explains you where to go, how to find and what to do with Tindremic Officer. And if it is even worth the effort.

How to Start?

Go to the city of Tindrem, you can use the fabled Mortal Online 2 interactive map to find it to the right hand upper corner of the map.

Find the Tavern, it is between Stables and Crafting Area

Talk to this guy

And take the task

Take Fabernum parcel as well and if you get lost in the wilderness, take Meduli one too. At least you’ll get some reputation if you end up in Meduli. Never leave town without a parcel. Make it a habit, especially if you want to PK bad boys and girls as much as you like

The Journey of the Fellowship to Mount Doom

That is the route mapped out, most direct one that is. The Officer is in the Bandit Camp. Feel free to use any kind of indirect route you prefer.

Once you get there be careful, there are plenty of bandits, mostly casters, some regular ones and one veteran bandit guarding the prisoner.

The Officer is in the Tower. You can also tell that you got to the right place because there is a prisoner wagon behind the tower (which I did not bother to screenshot, sorry)

That’s the guy

Hand him the parcel and he will in turn give you Proof of Life. That is he is not going anywhere. He actually likes how Bandits treat him and wants to stay. He is Static. He does not move around. So feel free to check on our friend as many times as you like, he will still be there and you can keep improving your reputation this way if you want, as well as earning Clade for Banditos.

After that people like to go to Fabernum because it is close to hand in another parcel to get 2 reputation points for the delivery.

Hmm. Unfortunately, you cannot take Tindrem parcel on your way back from Fab. Proof of Life blocks that. That is very bad.

Time to head back to Tindrem and avoid people shooting arrows at your horse on the way out of Fab


Well, we got back to Tindrem

We hand Proof of Life to the Task Vendor in the Tavern. The outcome is not what we’d like to see.

I mean come on. 1 extra reputation point for that leeway off Fabernum? And you cannot pick up Tindrem parcel once you hand in the Fab parcel? So instead of 5 rep points we should get we only get 3.

It is much faster and more effective to just be a mailman and deliver the parcels without spending time fighting bandits and veering off path for just 1 extra reputation point.

And it is not worth for Clade farming too, there are better faster more consistent ways to do it like Haven Bandits, Risars, Sators etc.

This might have been the most effective way of farming Tindremic rep before the patch, but now that the rep gains are static it is no longer so. Either this guy needs a buff or we need to be able to pick Tindrem parcel alongside proof of life.

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