Noita – Omega Hookbolt Travel Wand Build

Guide to Omega Hookbolt Travel Wand Build

The Build Overview

A travel wand build utilizing Nolla Hookbolt and Matter Eater to move around freely, while causing chaos.

Can be used on any high slot capacity wand, and each free slot is cast thanks to Omega.

  • Matter Eater + Warp Cast is safer than a Black Hole, but both work.
  • Inner Spell helps in digging.
  • Most modifiers are not necessary, can replace with similar spells.
  • Removing Hookbolt turns this into a general purpose wand.
  • Note that Omega limits spell draw (for example, Warp Cast doesn’t cast any other spell).

Liquid Vacuum Field may to help with polymorphine and other dangerous liquids.

Questions and Answers about Build

Does it travel faster on the x coordinate (horizontally)?

It is, a limitation on Hookbolt it seems. Mina has different maximum velocities for horizontal and vertical.

How does it work if there is a maximum of 30 mana?

Add mana isn’t capped by the wand, so it allows a Kantele or Huilu to work, but you can use any wand. It’s using 60 mana per frame for Gamma and Wand Refresh, the rest is cast for free. I should note Omega limits spell draw (for example, Warp Cast doesn’t cast any other spell) so you are limited in that way

So omega is used for free at the expense of gamma?

Yeah it’s cheaper to spend on gamma (also you can try multiple gammas). For high damage Blood to Power works well.

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