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Egor Opleuha, also known as Juzzzie, is the Editor-in-Chief of Gameplay Tips. He is a writer with more than 12 years of experience in writing and editing online content. His favorite game was and still is the third part of the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic saga. He prefers to spend all his free time playing retro games and new indie games.


  1. Missing synergies from the list
    Meteor Hammer – Yo Ball + Pointy Shield – Pointy Shield: CD -5s. Yo Ball: Shield Recovery Rate +10
    Debt Management – Loan Slash + Loan Wanderer – Loan Slash: Kills add 1 point to debt. Loan Wanderer: CD reduced by 2s.
    Nether Typhoon – Nether Rain + Capitalism – Nether Rain: gain 5% lifesteal. Capitalism: Gain 5 Max HP per cast.
    One Trick Leftover – One Trick Pony + Leftover Food – One Trick Pony: regain 30% shield and HP on every cast. Leftover Food: increase the amount healed by Yang Force x0.2 and gain 30% increased range.

    • The portal? It gives you more challenges (more boss) and opportunities (the chest dropped from the boss)
      You should try it after finishing the whole game

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