United Heist – Full Game Walkthrough / Guide

This is a little guide for some help, since some people get stuck and have no idea how to continue.


At the beginning you need to put the combination of the other player into your dial, which would be:

Thief: 1 8 3

Central: 7 1 3

Spinning Heads

The thief has a compass and 6 statues that can be turned. While the central has a map of images that correspond to the ones above the statues.

So rotate the heads that they show in to the right direction based on this map:

The images are randomized!

Underground Entrance

This is always randomized!

The thief has a wall with lines that explain the puzzle:

The central has blocks around the room which have to be put into the container. There are always the same 4 blocks, just in different combinations. You can see them here:

For the central a door will open to the right with buttons. Just press all the buttons at the same time and let the thief run over the constuction

The Hub

Now the central can go upstairs and find a 4×4 board on a glass table:

You now have to turn around the pucks to open doors for the thief, here are all door combinations:

Movie Studio

The thief has to place the mannequins on the right positions, they look like this:

The ceiling will turn green when they are pressed correctly


When the thief enters the maze the bomb timer will start. The thief has to find radios which will play morse code, the morse code is always randomized. Central has a map with directions and the sequence how to put in the numbers to the bomb.

After the bomb has been defused, the thief has to go to the very top left of the map and click the blue button to start the elevator.

Laser Circle

The thief has to move the statues to the inner circles like that (see the triangle):

A laser will spawn and the central has to put this in:

The Box

The last puzzle you have to do 8 steps in a row. When you want to start or restart you have to press this button:

Then the 8 steps are:

  • 1. Central press lever “B”
  • 2. Thief pull the 2nd rope
  • 3. Central press lever “A”
  • 4. Thief press lever “R”
  • 5. Central press the button next to the number 5
  • 6. Thief press the button with this symbol:
  • 7. Central press lever “C”
  • 8. Thief press lever “L”
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  1. What do the three question marks mean at the main menu? Did it correlate to the maze puzzle with the question marks there? My partner and I think we may have missed something but aren’t sure.

  2. Final puzzle seems like a stretch in terms of difficulty I don’t think we would have been able to figure it out without the guide. Maybe we were just missing something but otherwise it’s a simple and fun game that has you work together with a buddy to succeedl.

  3. Do you know if there’s anything special with the pipe puzzle in the final room? i can’t seem to figure it out.

    • The pipe puzzel is a distraction, you do not actually have to do anything just solve the box’s 8 puzzle’s and you will be able to go through the door.

      • But if you do a little parkour at the second floor using the pipes, you get into a hidden button where you can press it but nothing happens… Anyone know what it could be?

        • We did the same thing, thinking it would do something with the red pipe and the yellow ball in the other room. Sadly we couldn’t figure it out.
          Great game anyway, though a bit short.

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