Occult – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This guide is the best way of get all achievement, just one walkthrough it’s included.

How to Obtain All Achievements

The Mansion

Story achievements

Start playing the game normally, each level have two exit ways and you must complete each one for a separated achievement, it’s recommended (and funnier) complete the game with friends.

Lay Down To Rest

  • First time stunned by a monster

Evil Defeated

  • Killed the Spiderlady


  • Mirror quest finished

Miscellaneous achievements

For this ones you have to make specific and easy things in the level:

Open lockers and drawers 50 times.

In Search Of Loot

  • Open lockers and drawers 50 times

Takes 10 necklace or calixes that are around the map.


  • Collected 10 jewelry

There’s some windows that are marked with yellow, jump 25 times through this ones.


  • 25 window jumps

Enter into the closet and wait for 1 minute.

Come On Out

  • Sat in the closet for more than a minute

Wait beside the initial car 5 minutes.

I Want To Go Home

  • 5 minutes to stand by the car

From the entrance of the mansion, go to the right and you will find a phone off the hook, interact with them when ring it.


  • Found the phone and answered the call

Pick three keys and use it through the map.


  • Open 3 locked doors

From the entrance, you can see the stairs for the second floor, the first blocked door it’s the mirror room; in that room there will be 4 spiders. Create a new game, pick the 4 spiders and repeat until you pick 25 ones.


  • Caught 25 spiders

Coop achievements

Just for this achievements you need friends for making this

Revive a friend

A True Friend

  • Helped a friend get up

Start a game of two players

One Friend Is Good Too

  • Start a game together

Start a game of four players

Team Assembled

  • Start a four-player game

Enter to a cupboard with a friend inside 5 times.

Move Over

  • Throw a friend out of the cupboard 5 times

Psychiatric Hospital

Complete the two objectives for the story related achievements


  • Big bang

Chemistry Lesson

  • Kill mediums

Go to the attic floor, open the elevator door and jump directly to the basement floor, if you die


  • Died from the fall

Solo Run

The easiest run it’s the mirror run on the mansion, put the game on normal and complete the next objectives:

Objective: Find 7 mirror shards. The mirrors have 8 spawns:

From the entrance, turn to the left and enter on the last door of the corridor, should be a paint like in the photo, go through this one and in the roof it’s the first shard.

On the second floor, turn to the right and the first door on the right have another one.

From the previous shard, jump to the next door through the window, on the easel there is the third one

From the previous one, exit to the corridor and on the last door of the right there’s another shard.

From the big stairs to the second floor, turn to your left and there will be a head, use the cranks 1-2-4

Go to the garden maze and enter to the mausoleum

From the mausoleum, turn to the right and enter to the maze, in the end there will be another shard.

The keys spawns are randomly, found the library key, go to the second floor of the library, use the mirror with the light and follow the light until you found the last shard.

Objective: Find the skull

On the second floor, there’s a bedroom with a skeleton on a chair, takes his head.

Objective: Kill the monster

Go to the first blocked door of the second floor, enter and close the door. Take 4 spiders, put the shards on the mirror, put the spiders on the spikes and the head on the floor (in that order).


  • Complete the game alone

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