Occult – Psychiatric Hospital Secret Room Locations

All Secret Room Locations (Psychiatric Hospital)

Chilling Nurse Room

Correctional room is on first floor.

  • Find a key for “Correctional room”.
  • Open up “Correctional room”.
  • Turn left after you enter it, move further in hallway until you find last door on left side.
  • There should be a painted door on wall which you can enter through.
  • There is a cup on books which gives you 10 in-game credits.


Hidden Experimental Room

Experimental room location is on lower floor.

  • Find Experimental room key.
  • Open Experimental room.
  • On the left you can see a lonely valve right after you enter, turn it.
  • Water will go down and you’ll see stairs close to valve.
  • After going down stairs you gonna see creepy room and 2 cups in hands (Gives 200 credits once, after repeat will give only 10 each).

Hidden Skull Room

Correctional room is on first floor.

  • Find correctional room key.
  • Turn right after you openned correctional room and move further until you find “Water therapy room”.
  • Move further until you get into red room.
  • Jump right into bath with “I died here” sign.
  • Press brick on a wall to open a cage.
  • On top of skeleton head you can take spider-cup which gives you 1000 credits once, after repeating it will give only 10 credits.

Waterfall Hidden Door

  • Find your way outside.
  • Find waterfall.
  • Move down the river and you will see a body floating on water with “Hidden key” in his hands.
  • Move back to waterfall and get inside it.
  • Open cage door.
  • On lower level of big room with giant you will see cultist with spider-cup (will not give you 1000~ credits if you already taken one cup from skull room).

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