Wobbly Life – Lightning Sword

This guide is gonna help you to get the lightning sword for the cave with the ghost.

The Lightning Sword

To get the sword you have to wait for the thunderstorm to start and then travel to the jungle island. At the end of the river a big stone will rise and there will be the sword that you need to open the cave with the ghost.

In my experience the thunderstorm happened only three times and i played the game like 30 hours so is not a good idea to just wait because is very rare. Therefore, i thought an idea of joining strangers and see if their have thunderstorm in their lobby because it doesn’t really matter if you do it on your world , a friend’s world or just a stranger’s world. Moreover, me and my friend didn’t stop joining other people’s worlds until we find a server with thunder.

After few tries we succeeded our goal after many days waiting for the game to give us thunderstorm in our world. The only downside of joining other people are the lag and they can kick you

  • Step 1: Join stranger”s lobby
  • Step 2: If there is thunderstorm you can proceed to step 3 , if not do step 1 again.
  • Step 3: Go to the jungle asap, and pick up the sword.
  • Step 4: Great Success!!!

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