Crystal Project – All Summon Locations

Location of every summon’s deity.

Where to Find Every Summon’s Deity

Acquiring Summons

Having at least one Summoner as a main class and defeating the Deity permanently gives everyone in your party the ability to Learn the Summon skill.

The Summon skills will still cost LP to Learn as if they had all prerequisite skills Learned.

The Summoner crystal can be found at the end of Slip Glide Ride in Tall, Tall Heights, which requires an Owl.


Inside a cave underneath Okimoto N.S., requires Owl or Salmon.


South of Old Nan’s Watering Hole, Spawning Meadows.


Southeast of Tall, Tall Heights, southwest of Chalice of Tar.

I recommend you fly there from the top of Castle Ramparts or the crystal with Owl.


Just behind Gaea Shrine.


Lake Delende, north of Yamagawa.

Just fly southwest from Callisto Shrine.

Fighting tip: Floating will make Ioske waste a turn to remove the buff.


Middle of Salmon Bay, can be reached from Open Sea, Poseidon Shrine or River Cat’s Ego, requires Owl or Salmon.


Deep Sea, far south from the end of Ancient Reservoir, requires Salmon.


Shoudu Province, northeast of Ganymede shrine.

Good classes to bring: Ninja, Warlock, Hunter or anyone who can attack fast.


West of Jidamba Tangle, climb the trees or waterfalls to get up there.

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