Occupy Mars: The Game – Extremely Quick ATV Guide

This guide here explains how to make use of the ATV at the start, and how to go faster!

Extremely Quick ATV Guide to Going Faster and Electrical Tips with It


Welcome to Mars! You may see that you can either Find an ATV or Build one, this guide will tell you how to go faster than the 22 km/h on the one you find, 32 km/h on the one you craft!

Electrical Usage and Going Faster

So, Electrical usage of the ATV appears to only use the charge if you’re constantly holding W or turning around, reversing etc. If you get to the top speed, and the ground is flat, you can glide quite a bit on what speed you have, occasionally just hitting W to get back to the max speed.

You can use this to conserve your battery on your long ATV trips!

So, to go faster, It seems as if the speed of the ATV you find broken is locked to a maximum of 22 km/h, and 32 km/h for the ATV you craft. However if you have played around with it long enough, you’ll find that it’s not fully locked to that amount, as you can use hills and slopes to gain more speed with momentum!!

Going down Hills and and Mountains can get your speed to 40 or 50 easily, with long slopes easily getting you up to 90! With that you just cruise around without hitting anything on the keyboard unless you want to turn. If you turn, do it slowly, Going that fast while turning can cause the ATV to flip and cause you to fall off!

Watch out for the small rocks as you’re cruising, they can make you go flying!

I hope this really short simple guide helps!

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  1. For those having a hard time finding the ATV, it’s at the nearest abandoned base to where your pod lands. Outside, it’s nestled between the 2 shipping containers and the airlock. It’s hood is open. If you go inside the base, there should be at least one small board. Under the open hood, pull out the busted board, and put in the fresh one, and boom! You have a working ATV. Don’t forget to repair the old one at the workbench.

  2. does anyone know how to add the atv crate to the atv ?. I have already unlocked the ATV crate in the tech tree

    • Build it in the 3D printer and then with it in your hotbar, go to the ATV and place it on the back

  3. stupid question any1 know how to roll up the cables and or water/gas hoses? i remember in in the demo you could do that

    • To roll up the cables and hoses all you need to do is look at the end of either one and when you see the description appear on it. Simply hold down the ‘E’ key and they will roll up into your inventory.

  4. I have a small question how do use the air compressor, I have try so many things and I don’t know

    • have a co2 can in you inventory thats full and you can clean panels and buildings and such

      • thank you now I just need to find my Co2 canister since I lost it and I don’t believe I can craft another one

  5. The ATV you find seems limited to 22 but if you craft one it seems to be more like 32. Wish I built one earlier it made getting to abandoned outposts much easier. I only built a second one much later as I had the idea of always leaving one on a charger so I wasn’t waiting around – but once I starting swapping between them the one I crafter feels way faster.

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