Ody Mos – 100% Full Achievement Guide

An explanation for every achievement in Ody Mos.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Level Records

For each of the 21 levels of the game, there are 3 additional metrics for completion:

  • Step Record: Awarded for beating the level in less character grabs than the developer’s record. An unsuccessful limb movement counts as a grab so be careful!
  • Time Record: Awarded for completing the level faster than the developer’s record time.
  • WiFi Signal: Awarded for finding a level’s WiFi signal spot before completion. There is a phone in each level, pick it up by touching it and you’ll see that a connection symbol has appeared on the top left of the screen. There’s a hidden “WiFi spot” somewhere in the room. Move the phone around the level until you get full bars. At this point, you can drop the phone and complete the level as normal to achieve this goal.

A small step for the furry

  • Beat any level’s step record.

Frugal pedestrian

  • Beat every level’s step record.

Just in time

  • Beat any level’s time record.

Hasty journey

  • Beat every level’s step record.

Enter the web

  • On any level, earn the WiFi signal completion goal.

WiFi Seeker

  • Earn every level’s WiFi signal completion goal.

Level Completion

Achievements for completing certain levels.

Owosome performance

  • Finish 50 Levels.

It’s time to stop!

  • Finish 100 levels.

Meet Ody

  • Finish the tutorial level.

Meet Esther

  • Finish level 6: Books

Meet Candy

  • Finish level 16: Laser Feast

Meet Ali

  • Finish level 17: Climbing


  • Finish level 21: Double

Failure Based

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” – Ody (Candy) Sexmos

No rupees here

  • Break a single pot.

Vehement art critic

  • Break 14 pots.

Mission unfeasible

  • Collide with a laser.

Nekketsu spirit

  • Lose 50 levels by colliding with a laser or breaking a pot.


Achievements that you may not come across through normal game-play.

Out of earshot

  • Finish a level with the “Voices” volume option set to zero in settings.

Innocent eyes

  • Finish a level with the “SFW Mode” option (censor bars) enabled.

Toggle this option with the space key.

Suspicious AFK

  • After you beat a level, take your hands off the keyboard and let the “victory” play out for 60 seconds. I’d recommend meditating or reading a hymn as you wait.
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