One Military Camp – Economic Tips (Sandbox)

Helpful Tips to Economy and More

If you’ll send in soldiers with double the enemy rating, they will have 100% success chance and won’t end up injured. But they may still end up hurt during the training, so a Medic is a must-have after first couple of missions. The faster learning traits on recruits are okay, but once they’re done training they become useless. What you really want for your soldiers is Leadership and to a lesser degree Heroic, the former helps with maxing out success chance, the latter is a bit of a safeguard on missions when you can’t max it out.

Do the missions in bursts, when you manage to get into green, stay put, train up skills on your soldiers and train new specializations even before you need them – or, if the money/research is not there yet, at least hire a viable recruit and train the necessary skills on them, so you can quickly meet the requirements. Going through 3-4 missions in quick succession and reaping the quick response bonus will provide the much needed cash influx, then, when you hit another wall, just sit back, train up and prepare to repeat it. Just a heads up, there are Julie’s side missions that can be failed if the timer runs out, so don’t sit on those. You can easily sit on any other mission, tho.

“Hire more” is not always an answer, sometimes you just need to upgrade their buildings and train the ones that are already there (remember, 40% of worker’s efficiency is related skill, while Researchers and Medics really require upgraded facilities to show it, Maintenance Workers and Cooks are visibly faster on 100% efficiency even before upgraded stations – those do help, tho). The camp may be a bit shoddy while they train, but just keep an eye on the critical infrastructure and keep that fixed when needed.

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