Orc Massage – Regular Costumers Tips

This short guide contains some advices how to do regular ones the Orc massages effectively.

Useful Tips

Basically its a pattern of 4, x is don’t do anything, check mark is hit, it can be a bit annoying getting use to it, cause when the first one is a check it feels like you have to mash But generally don’t freak out if you mess up the first one, cause you will get a 2nd set of patterns if they are not satisfied yet (but they will leave if the heart cracks fully). Go by the orc movement as a pattern or like in music 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 might also help.)

The easiest is it’s a rhythm game. Make sure the music is turned up, it’s pretty much impossible to do it without.

Also play the mini game with your eyes closed. The animation sequence is very choppy and will throw your timing off, it’s best just to listen to the music and click according to the sounds.

The first 4 beats is the game telling you what pattern to follow and the 2nd 4 beats is when you are supposed to click to execute the pattern given.

Definitely work on getting good at this mini game & use the money to buy all the workout equipment. It makes the gameplay massages for the Elf, Harpy, & TiGirl much more easier.

For a slightly broader view – every customer is a series of 16 beats, each seemingly 1 second long. You get 4 beats of the customer getting onto the bed, four beats of what the customer wants, then four beats of you making inputs (or not, depending on the customer’s request), then four more beats of them leaving the bed.

The suggestion of doing it with your eyes closed isn’t bad, since the animation can indeed throw you off. Go by sound cues. I’d also recommend leaving the music on and making it louder. The beat of the music is your metronome. Act on that and you’ll be set.

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  1. Terrible guide, almost makes anyone reading it MORE confused about how it works. Also, should articles like this have type-o’s? If you are a guide/article writer, isn’t writing correctly like…your one job

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