ELDEN RING – PS4 / PS5 Controls

Elden’s controls The input modalities for the character’s mobility, combat, and interactions are displayed in Ring. The default configuration for Playstation 4/5 is detailed below.

Steed Summoning: Equip the Spectral Steed Whistle that Melina gives you in your quickslots and press square to call Torrent (your horse / spirit steed) (like a consumable). Press L3 or pick the Spectral Steel Whistle one again to dismount.

Controls for PS4 / PS5

  • Hold Triangle and R1 to two-hand your weapon
  • L2: Skill
  • L1: Guard (LH Armament)
  • D-Pad Up: Switch Sorcery/lncantation
  • D-Pad Left: Switch Left-Hand Armament
  • D-Pad Right: Switch Right-Hand Armament
  • D-Pad Down: Switch Item
  • Left Stick: Movement
  • L3: Crouch/Stand Up
  • Mid Panel: Map
  • R2: Strong Attack (RH & 2H Armament)
  • R1: Attack (RH & Two-Handed Armament)
  • Triangle: Event action (Examine, Open, etc.)
  • Square: Use Item
  • Circle: Backstep, Dodge Roll, Dash
  • X: Jump
  • Right Stick: Camera / Change Target
  • R3: Camera, Lock On/Remove Target
  • Options: Main Menu PC Keys Information Go Here
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