Pacify – How to Make Infinite Good Dolls (Easy Method)

I’ve found a method that just need 2 clicks to dupe dolls. Yeah, you don’t need to tac tac tac tac tac tac and pray.

Guide to Make Infinite Good Dolls Easy


  • You can just do it on a online match, it works for all players except the host.
  • The doll just become valid when you drop the new one.


  1. Pick a good doll.
  2. Find a barrel.
  3. Go in front of him(lean on the barrel).
  4. Drop the doll.

The doll will fall somewhere, just pick the doll and drop to make the server register it.

Why barrels? he is extremely more consistent than the other strat. Just need two clicks.

A player (not host) can get the first good doll after the basement stairs, go to the front of the furnace room, drop the doll on this barrel and start making dolls, then just soft lock the girl.

The infinite doll is invisible to host, if you pick a infinite doll, drop, the server really needs to register this.

Written by Aotx

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