Paint Warfare – Pro Tips and Tricks

A collection of pro play tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks



Always be on the move, standing still in here is your number one enemy. You have to keep on moving at all times while maintaining your accuracy.


Rapidly tap “jump button(default Space)” and “fall button(Default Q)” to move up and down quickly, this will turn you into a really difficult target to hit.

Remember high ground is always a better position.

Moving left and right rapidly will distract your enemy, bullets take time to travel so this tactic works pretty well here.


Your movement has no connection to your accuracy, you are 100% accurate all the time.

Aim & Shooting


There are 3 type of bullets in the game (Raycast, Physical, Projectile).

  • Raycast: No range limit, No bullet drop, instant damage, no recoil. Example: Sniper.
  • Physical: limited range, lots of bullet drop, delayed damage, no recoil. Example: Grenade launcher.
  • Projectile: No range limit, tiny bullet drop, contact damage, recoil based on gun, Example: AK.

Use raycast guns if you have good accuracy, use physicals if you have trouble aiming directly on the enemy since physical bullets have area damage. Projectiles are good for any encounter.


By rapidly pressing the “Kick(Default F)” key and shooting at the same time, you will both shoot enemies and kick them if they are close by, the range for kicking is far more than you expect.

You can kick even while running, the animation only needs to start to apply the damage, it does 20 per kick.

There is no body part specific hitbox so damage is the same everywhere on the body.

You will regain health on enemy kills, enemies also have a chance of dropping a heal item on death.

Broken Stuff

Top Armoury Gear

  • The best loadout combo at the moment.


  • AK, Sniper, Freeze gun.
  • Tec-9, Dual Pistols.


  • Jetpack, Invisibility.


Use Jetpack almost all the time, try to stay on top of everyone else and just laser them from a safe distance.

Use the invisibility ability when seen or shot at by enemies, you can reuse it after a few seconds. It will not save you from damage but enemies won’t be able to see you for a few seconds.

You can hide in the buildings and shoot everyone without even exposing yourself to enemy line of fire.

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