Paradiso Guardian – Best Way to Make Money for The Black Card

The Best and Most Efficient Way to Make Money

The best and most efficient way I’ve found to grind money is the hallway in the top left most section of the final dungeon that has the two Golden Knights because they drop both Dragon Slayers (Worth 2.5k?) and Platinum Plates (Worth 3k?) and just going back and forth that same hallway each time. I recommend doing this after beating the game because you do get items after you’ve beaten the game that make this easier.

My Equipment Set Up Was:

  • Whatever weapon
  • Whatever armor


  • Angel Walk and Archangel’s Fist (Not Necessary)


  • Right Eye: Found in between the final save point and the final boss’ arena where the left eye was found after you’ve beaten the game and reload your save
  • Tears of the Leviathans: Clear Floody’s Beginner Challenge without taking any damage. This is the highest luck item
  • Lucky Star: Luck item.


Walking down the corridor with Angel walk active will destroy the breakables along the path refreshing your mana so you’ll never have to stop/break for items.

Using the Right Eye, activate Holy Flare by holding down the dodge button, which ignores the Golden Knight’s block and just wail on them with your weapon.

You can weave in Archangel’s fists if it’s more efficient since mana costs aren’t really a problem in this area. I wasn’t really paying attention to the numbers of exact numbers of Dragon Slayers/Platinum Plates I’d need, but I think grinding for 250k (I didn’t unlock the vip card beforehand) was a solid maybe 30-60 minute grind

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